West Town

West Town was originally little more than a small monastery devoted to the worship of Pelor, founded some seven hundred and fifty years ago at the foot of the Barrier Peaks on the southern bank of the Olvewater River. When a minor sickness in Pregmere broke into a low-level epidemic in 294 CY, it was the reclusive monks of Pelor who were able to stem the tide of disease and keep it from causing serious harm to the town. In gratitude, nearly a hundred swore to devote themselves to the Sun God and moved themselves to the outlying area of the monastery.

By 583 CY the place had expanded to about five hundred inhabitants as the monastery started making a name for itself for its growing reputation in raising fine heroes of Pelor.

The giantish invasion of Geoff came as a complete surprise, for although monsters were seen in the mountains with increasing frequency for the preceding few months, the town itself had not been attacked during human memory. A force of ogres, trolls, and hill giants blasted into West Town, overwhelmed its defenders, and claimed it as their own.

No good intelligence exists on West Town as all demi-humans are slain on sight and humans entering the town are never heard from again.

West Town

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