Pregmere gets its name from the dozens of hot springs that mark the center of the city. Each spring is shallow and no more than twenty feet across, formed by a heat source from deep within the earth. The springs originally were full of many varieties of strange and colorful fish adapted to high-temperature waters, but they suffered a significant decline as the city grew around the springs, becoming a major tourist destination in Geoff.

The city’s unusual layout around the hot springs was very good at attracting the attention of those passing by but very inefficient for defense.

In 583 CY the giants were able to march into town using these central lanes and made short work of the defenders, most of whom had grown soft from lives of relative luxury and prosperity.

During daylight hours, fire giants can be clearly seen to be supervising and providing security over human slaves who work the surrounding fields. Hill Giants seem to provide all of the larger labor tasks, such as cart pulling, field plowing, etc. and appear to be subservient to the fire giants


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan