Situated at the juncture of the Blue Oyt River and the White Oyt River, with the capital city of Gorna upstream and the rest of the Geoff lying just across three bridges to the north, Oytmeet was blessed with a particularly good location. Founded by a small merchant company in 42 CY, Oytmeet started as a moderately sized inn and trading post. A small dock was added and the land nearby proved suitable for farming and herding, and so gradually commoners of all sorts moved in and began practicing their trades. At its peak, the population grew to over 1,500 people, mostly Human.

The small army of Orcs and Giant-kin that hit the city was carefully concealed. Following the Blue Oyt, they marched on Oytmeet before news of the attack on Pest’s Crossing could travel westward. Under the cover of night, skilled Orcs assassinated the tower guards and allowed the rest of the army to enter unchallenged. Guided by magic from Orc shamans, they found the guard garrisons and slew most of them quietly in their sleep.

By the time alarms had been raised the city was at a severe disadvantage, and most of its people fled blindly into the night.

Now the city is run by the Orcs, who number over 500 including the women and children.

Cyclops and Ettins have also been seen around the city and there is rumored to be a small number of Human slaves.


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan