The town sits on one of the broader parts of the Olvewater River between the Dim Forest and the Oytwood. Set in a slight depression of low-lying ground, the area is usually covered in light mist or fog from the river in the morning hours on warm days. The lowlands are beset with all sorts of insects during these times and the river is thick with fish that come to feed on those insects. Humans settled this area because the good fishing and convenient distance to the two timberlands.

During the invasion of Geoff in 583 CY a Fog Giant named Seshy took over the town and fights off any other Giants, humanoids, or strangers that come anywhere near town. Seshy lives outside of town and always stays within one day’s walk of town.

There has been little information of what has become of the residents of Midwood. Little or no word has gotten in or out of Midwood

He is rumored to eat the residents of Midwood one by one at night. The dead spirits of Midwood are said to roam the surrounding fields at night in the places they were killed. Dancing Lanterns at night is not an uncommon sight.


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan