This town was originally a fort built along the Javan River in 538 CY when Geoff was having trouble with some of the stranger creatures of the Dim Forest. Brave Rangers made up the bulk of the guard’s garrison, with keen-eyed bowmen filling out the ranks. The human victories in the area attracted the attention of the local elves, with some elves building camps near the fort and even a few living within it’s walls. Over time, the fort grew into a village and eventually a town, and the two people’s remained close, although intermarriage remained very rare.

Like Derelion, Hochlove was warned a day in advance of the Giantish Invasion. That gave the townsfolk time to withdraw into the fort, while the rangers and elves prepared traps and ambushes. When the hill giants and ogres forced their way past the traps they were met by a wall of human steel and hundreds of elven arrows. In response, hurled boulders crushed homes and dented the walls of the fort.

Between volleys, elves began to escort children and the elderly to safety through a secret exit. Eventually one of the outer walls were breached and the monsters were able to charge into the fort. Elves and humans stood their ground in face of the terrible odds in order to give their families time to escape by the time the last defender sank lifeless to the ground.

Since most of the men died in the massacre of the small town, there is currently no one willing to reclaim it nor is there anyone willing to finance it.


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan