Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

9th of Readying, 586 CY

Gnarley Forest
High: 35
Low: 28
The last 2 days for once have been uneventful and given a chance to get to know a little more about some of the PCs both old and new. Steven does his usual round of drunken questioning of the new cleric of Pholtus and 1/2 elf.
For once the characters feel a little safer believing they have indeed been blessed by the blinding light of Pholtus. Did he send you Alvin to ensure a safe journey to Veluna? Bornthien and Gustav certainly think so.

The party makes camp just a few yards off of the makeshift road leading west through the Gnarley. Steven and Baroque decide to take 1st watch.

An hour or so later the PCs that are resting are awakened by Baroque yelling at someone or something and Steven trying to awaken Gustav.

The is someone there, Baroque is sure of it. A couple of the others also heard something.
A moment later 6 hobgoblins appear out of nowhere and step out of the forest. The hobgoblins looked stunned. They have a look of total confusion on their faces, as if they have no idea what they are doing in this part of the forest.

Baroque joins most of the party as they hack the hobgoblins to pieces. During the battle, a faint singing and what appears to be the sound of a mage preparing a spell, can be heard coming from different directions in the nearby forest.

A few minutes after the hobgoblins are all dead Gustav realizes he and Ashults tent has been robbed. Whatever was out there took Ashults spell book and Gustavs gold, his gems, and whatever else was easy to grab .

Seconds later Baroque and Ashult just appear. The mage is able to convince the PCs going after the bandits will be a bad thing and will result in the deaths of Nivek, Bornthien, Gustav. He makes his point by explaining to Nivek that he knows about the “special powder” he is carrying.


Its too bad none of this happened… freaking time mage.

9th of Readying, 586 CY

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