Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

7th of Readying, 586 CY

Gnarley Forest
High: 30
Low: 20
A sleetstorm begins sometime in the afternoon and lasts 6 hours. It turns the snow on the ground to wet sleet (about 1" of wet snow) and then freezes over late that night.
Winds are blowing at more than 25 mph
Fern 3
Early evening:
Nivek Nala discovers tracks in the snow and soon realizes they are trailing a band of orcs. They are just a few hours away.

Late that night (around 10PM) the party encounters more than a dozen orcs with a 1/2 orc leader.
A band of orcs
A young woman is tied to a stake and being cooked alive, a young girl is tied and on the ground, another young lady looks dead. There is also a human and 1/2 elf tied to a stake in the ground. Both are barely concious

A large 1/2 orc in plate male stands in the middle as anything he says seems to fire up the orcs. They never hear or see the PCs as the party makes its way closer. Ashult stays behind and trys to hide behind a tree. The orcs are to busy boasting about the greatness of orcs (Ashult reacts in shock as his necklace helps him understand the orc language) and drinking plenty of ale. Several of the orcs can even be seen eating the remains of a young human.
Baroque and Gustav run up and attempt to take on the 1/2 orc. They are soon followed by the rest of the party.
Nivek taking on several at one time, Steven seems to salivate at the chance to kill a few of the filthy beasts. The melee turns into a bloody brawl.
Out of nowhere Ashult attacks one of the orcs with a staff. His fear driving his instinct to survive. The mage not only helps fight off the orcs, he also helps several of the PCs stay alive after they fall to the swords of the orcs and 1/2 orc. He quickly rubs Keotons Ointment on their wounds or offers them cure potions.

After a long and exhausting battle the PCs survive but certainly took their share of lumps.

Steven unties the men and the party offers heals to what turns out to be a cleric of Pholtus and a 1/2 elf mage/fighter. The cleric is called Alvin and the 1/2 elf is Zanshiri. The young girl, at just 10 years old, also joins the party. Her name is Michelle


Steven: “Ah, a valiant battle for the Valkyries, I hope this battle excited you fellas for the battles with the real orc threat in the Pamarj. I long for the day to stick my blade in that wretch who dare put shackles around the wrists of the great sea ferrying Steven Grayson.”

7th of Readying, 586 CY

Gustav comments: “I certainly hope so Steven. It is a long journey to the Pomarj. I have seen more death than I care to remember. The orcs of the south are a horror like you have never experienced. Lets just say, if you are caught, you will hope it is a quick death rather than gaining conciousness and realizing you are being boiled alive and served to those damned beasts.”

You can see the pages of Gustavs journal as he takes out this huge binder and quickly scribbles the events of the day along with notes to plan the next.

7th of Readying, 586 CY

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