Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

7th of Brewfest, 586 CY

Shrine of The Kuo-Toa

As far as the party can tell it’s close to late evening. The exhaustion of traveling all day settles in as they finally catch up with the slavers…

The ranger tracks the villians for almost 3 days. Stopping just 30 yards from another underground river, they find what remains of the slavers and even the slaves themselves. Torn to shreds, blood everywhere. But there is no sign of the leaders…

The halfling sees what looks to be a dead monk. The very same one from before?
He amd Auron inspect the body. As the rogue approaches he tries to kick him, a desperate attempt. The monk is near death. Huge razor like tears through his robes and skin.
The ranger tracks the appearance of 3 large intruders. As if they appeared, slayed everyone, and just left.
The monk describes 3 beings, 2 blue and 1 green. The blue ones with powerful claws that cut through everything. The green one managing to take the others. the rogue barely getting away.

On the bank of the river, the party sees a large fish like creature. His boat is parked on the beach. A large crocodile type monster swims at the top of the river. Always staying close.
The fish creature seems to await instructions, he finally yells out to the adventurers. No one can interpret the common language of the deep, the beast begins to get frustrated. His huge muscle and girth flexing, he rushes in and attacks with no concern for his own body…
The party quickly realize the danger of the situation as Auron takes pounding after pounding. he stands tall but won’t be able to for much longer…
The cleric uses a spell that opens up earth underneath the being. A 20X10 opening he almost avoids it but instead falls in to. It will be a minute before he gets out. but not that long…

The mages again polymorph into dragons as they barely make it to the other side of the rive. The monster in the water leaping out, nearly pulling Nitram Semaj into the river.

Several hundred yards deeper the tunnel opens up…
The party is met by a chilling scene when first they step far enough northwest to view the dimly lit space ahead. Greenish phosphorescence from lichens, coupled with a grayish luminosity from sluglike creatures as large as a man’s fist which crawl everywhere (walls, ceilings, floors) give the area an undersea appearance, and a strange salt tang is in the air to enhance this impression. Directly to the north the adventurers will see a huge dark green creature, rather like a giant lobster-headed woman, with one pincer raised and the right extended ahead and open. The walls and pavement of this place are well-made, but very worn. Obviously, this area is old. It feels alien and foreboding.
Not to their surprise, as the party inches up a group of Kuo-Toan move in close enough to melee while others throw spears through wall slits
The adventurers move in for the kill as more Kuo-Toan show up. A portal opens up, 3 strange creatures, the ones described by the monk, appear
They are Slaad. The slaadi are great frog-like beings, who dwell on the outer plane of Limbo. Their form is that of a large bipedal frog. But why are they here?
They stay back and use their 1st round to bring in 3 more blue Slaad
The quick thinking of the ranger, Davian Urthadar, and the dwarf, Shavinski The Orc Slayer, hold off at least the green Slaad. Their arrows and bolts hitting hard every round. The blue creatures move up.
It’s a bloody fight as the party takes a pounding. The edge going to the creatures of the underworld and beyond.
Good will once again have it’s day as the party mounts a huge comeback. On the brink of death but not beaten down enough. The halfling breaks out his special ring. Lightning balls shoot out of the ring. The slaad are hit hard. Whatever the ring has, he uses it all…
The rogues talk the adventurers into investigating the statue. The cleric and paladin’s are against it, insisting no good can come from disturbing this shrine of some sort.
Sure enough, as the halfling thief begins to pillage the shrine the statue comes alive,
The rogues do what they can to keep the stone statue at bay as the others approach. The halfling continuing to take anything of value
The paladin, Lady Krisnda, runs up to the shrine, crossing the shallow water. Dozens of leeches attache to her and the fighter as she and Auron attempt to meet the statue head on
Like King King, the statue is swatting at the elf. It’s taking massive damage as missile weapons and steel cut away chunks of its stone body.
It hits Arisoth and kills him. The elf falls out of the air and smashes on the hard rock ground
It climbs down, closer to the intruders
The tank of the party, Auron Blackmore, is bloodied and beaten.
The halfling collects the body of the elf mage while the rest of the party takes a step back into the entrance. The party uses its last raise dead scroll on the mage/thief, ArisothDarkleaf. They rest for a bit, hoping for now they’ve earned a few moments of peace as they decide what to do next
The elf mage/thief never makes it to the safe house. Instead choosing to embark on his own. He takes the corridor that leads to the immediate left.
A group of Kuo-Toan surprise him. One of them lands a blow as the elf loses his footing the creature pulls him hard on to a dagger. An instant kill. His body is looted. The creatures flee

The halfling rogue and ranger finally go and check on Arisoth. They find his looted body. After tracking for more than a few minutes, they realize it’s best to head back.

Everyone attempts to rest in the magical house. But, all it’s gonna take is a dispel magic to ruin a good nights sleep…



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