Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

26th of Fireseek, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
High: 41
Low: 25
Heavy fog

The Golden Phoenix
The events of the last several days are the topics of conversation while the party is enjoying another fine meal at the The Celene Feast Hall.

An hour later 8 heavily armed (all in full plate, long sword, shield with emblem of Greyhawk, red robes) men enter and are seen speaking to the manager Fund Barq. They are clearly looking for someone.

At 1st they pass the partys table. Barely noticing any of the PCs. A few minutes later one of the guards, what looks to the leader of the bunch, steps foward while the rest of the guards surround the PCs: “I am Sergeant Xanian Swordhand of the Greyhawk City Watch here in The Garden Quarter. I ask that all of your come peacefully and surrender!”

Lord Xanian explains the charges to the PCs:
Chalice 1
Clerics from The Temple of Pholtus claim a jewel studded chalice was stolen and they believe one of the PCs has it hidden in his room.
A quick look by the soldiers and they easily find the item hidden in Stevens room.
Steven is arrested and taken to the watchstation in the Garden Quarter.

He is questioned for several hours
The local guardstation captain insists Steven pay an additional 500gp for “other” laws broken, one of them being the resisting arrest by Theras Thoess of Clan Meldarin. These days this is an all to common sight with the local guardsmen and constables.

After about three hours, Pholemius Brightmantle, a high level cleric of Pholtus, and his acolyte; Beramane, are allowed to enter the cell holding Steven.
Pholemius casts detect lie and is easily able to verify Steven is in fact telling the truth.
The acolyte, Beramane, says: “The Father feels there is more to this story than meets the eye. He feels you and he are somehow being united by Pholtus for some reason he does not understand yet”
He asks for the party to meet them at the Temple of Pholtus in the River Quarter.

Pholemius Brightmantle

Once the PCs reach the Temple of Pholtus, Beramane explains: “The High Father has been called upon to give Final Absolution through wine and food given to the dying in his presence. He “eats” their sins and allows their spirits to ascend into the “blinding light”

“He needs PCs to be bodyguards to somewhere in the Gnarley Forest”
-needs to give final absolution to a Templar of the Church Militant from the Pale
-doesn’t know exactly where
-believes Pholtus will guide him
-all travel expenses will be paid for by Pholemius
-Pholemius will make all PCs swear an oath to the Temple of Pholtus that PCs will not harm him in anyway

Beramane: “The church can offer each of you $500 gp upfront, 10gp ea per day plus 500gp when the destination is reached”

He then asks the PCs to meet with him at the Temple of Pholtus in 3 days.
-Wants to travel to Two Ford by barge, then cross the Selintan and strike west into the forest


Well aint this a problem ere’, we got some serious case of black sea hag on our mits don’t we. I think we should get some sorcery help with this, before one of us gets sent to the locker.what is yer all thoughts on this ere’ storm.

26th of Fireseek, 586 CY

Gustav: “maybe we can get the mage, Ashult, to use some of that magic and find out whats going on.”
Gustav once again warns the new members that their lifes will be at risk and once they are in, there might be no getting out

26th of Fireseek, 586 CY

Theras swears softly under his breath, a tone noticeable only to those with sharp hearing. Commenting on the outrageous price for simply speaking ones mind about an accusation targeting the group instead of the individual. He however, eventually speaks up: “Aye, we need a member of the Arcane arts, perhaps two, if we’re to make this trek. A member of the clergy serving with us would also be welcomed, seeing as my knowledge of wounds and their ilk are not well acquainted. However, when we look at the muscle we have. I couldn’t feel any more confident that we’re well suited to any sort of combat or labor.” Theras says the last few words with a little sarcasm, indicating that too much of a good thing is, indeed, a little much.

26th of Fireseek, 586 CY

Pholemius Brightmantle, Sin Eater and Cleric of Pholtus, tells his acolyte, Beramane, to pay $500 gold to the guardstation. He explains to the elf: "next time, Pholtus may not be there to shine his light bright on you and your friends. I know your paths will lead you to him. It has been written in the book of things that must be.
He then falls into a deep trance and seems to be talking with Pholtus.

26th of Fireseek, 586 CY

Ashult carefully makes note of these incidents in his book, trying to discern a noticeable pattern. After one such incident, Ashult makes an attempt to discover the culprit through the use of a spell, but it appears as though the mischief-makers have prepared for such efforts.

26th of Fireseek, 586 CY

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