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Shrine of The Kuo-Toa
7th of Patchwall, 586 CY
An earthquake has the party trapped deep within the earth of the Lortmil Mountains. The plot thickens as scaly, bipedal beings with fish-like heads are encountered in their underground shrine. Strange and dangerous beings from another plane nearly wipe out the party. Who and what are they? Why are they here?
After a long battle that is followed by the death of Arisolth, the group attempts to shelter itself right in the middle of the chaos. Will they be able to do so? If so, for how long? The spell users need time to rest, arrows and bolts are running low, the thief needs some time to be able to once again use his powerful ring, the fighters are bloodied and exhausted.

The Kuo-Toa have only begun to fight…
Greyhawk Wars

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Read a little bit of Gustav’s Journal. Still in the works and hopefully someone will really help me articulate it

So many have fallen or left the party. Some have dissapeared never to be found again. They are all heroes and deserve a bards song or 2: PC/NPC Timeline

Link to the 2nd Edition PHB and all of the other reference books: Other Reference Books

Here are some general Tales and Whispers that might interest the party or a PC or 2

Here are some Tales of the Year in Peace (585 CY)

Gods of Greyhawk
Gods an powers a
January 7th 2012:
Our 1st meet and Greet with the new players and the return of Gunner
- Greyhawk Calendar
-Currently: 15th of Planting, 586 CY
Chapter 1: Post War Greyhawk Campaign Begins
-Starting Post War: 7th of Planting, 585 CY ________________________________________________________________________________
Chapter 2: The Continuation
15th of Firesek, 586 CY: Gustav and Bornthien recruit new adventurers
Chapter 3: The Wars Against Iuz and Turrosh Mak Begin
IuztheoldTurrosh mak

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

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