The Golden Phoenix

Free City of Greyhawk
Garden Quarter (G11)
Golden phoenix
The Golden Phoenix
One of the most luxurious inns and dining houses is the Golden Phoenix, which sees a steady stream of business from the caravans entering and leaving the city. Many caravans make short stops at the Temple of Zilchus next door before leaving town, getting breakfast at the Golden Phoenix as well.

Currently managed by Fund Barq a Shield Lands refugee who came to Greyhawk in 579 CY. Barq is pleasant, friendly, and always quick with a joke

The Golden Phoenix (often confused in name with the Golden Dragon by newcomers) has 12 double rooms, 18 single rooms, and two restaurants. Costs are 10-40 gp for meals and 10-15 gp per night for a room.

The Velunese Grill does breakfasts, light luncheons, afernoon herbal teas, and light suppers, early in the day, and The Celene Feast Hall serves large meals in the evening.
The Celene Feast Hall opens only for High Luncheon (lasts until 4PM) and Grand Supper (8PM-2AM)

Kitchen staff: 12 chefs (8 halflings, four half-elves) under the direction of Grand Master of Repasts Suleril Aleris (half-elf)
They consider the following dishes among their finest work: Rabbit Velunaise, Almorian stuffed stirge, moonberry cakes, and much more.

The Grand Feast in The Celene Feast Hall on the last day of each month and on all public holidays puts on a spectacular show with jugglers and musicians. Costs 50 gp per head for a ten course meal with wine and liquers which lasts six hours.

The taproom is large, usually crowded with well-dressed merrymakers. Windows open onto the inn’s beer garden, letting in the scent of flowers to mingle with the heady smell of hops and wine. Clusters of students from nearby Grey College frequent the inn.

The Golden Phoenix

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