Tales of the Year in Peace

This section includes reports and rumors that circulate about the central Flanaess in the early months of 585 CY:

The Castles of Ratik
Ratik is developing an ambitious castlebuilding program, constructing strong keeps along its southern margins not far from the foothills of the eastern spur of the Rakers. They are digging in for a long struggle against the humanoids of the Bone March. Ratik is seeking mercenaries to defend the builders during the coming spring and summer

Dolphins in the Bay
A school of dolphins has swum into Relmor Bay. They are clearly restless and troubled, but they swim away from those who approach them. Speak with animals spells have been unable to establish communication. The dolphins hang around, though, and are clearly trying to communicate something

Trouble with Grung
The Northern reaches of the Vast Swamp are infested with unusually aggressive grung. They attack those who keep watch there for Sunndi. Mercenaries are wanted to explore the swamp and find out the origins of the problem. The involvement of the Scarlet Brotherhood is suspected

The Horror of The Vesve
Terrified Highfolk report an appalling new evil in the Vesve forest; a four-armed, ebony skeletal creature that enfeebles the bodies and minds of its victims and is resistant to magic. Some say it breathes fire and frost. All agree that it must be a spawn of Iuz, and no one knows how to combat the thing

The Plague
A dread plague ravages Midmeadow. Thousands have died from it; victims lose strength, develop a palsy, spit blood, cough black phlegm, and their urine runs brownish black. The disease is highly infectious. All of Nyrond could perish from this

Tales of the Year in Peace

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