Prinzfeld, Province of

Prinzfeld is a prosperous province which occupies the extreme northern corner of the principality. It is squeezed between the Jewel River and the Suss Forest to the east and the lower Lortmils to the west. In between, the land is rich, green and pleasant. Human and halfling farmers till the soil, while human rangers or woodsmen hunt the slopes of the Lortmils and the grim depths of the Suss Forest.

Settlements and Locations within the Province of Prinzfeld:

The Prince’s Road
Riddling’s Pass
Twembly Manor

The land is a peaceful, unuse to conflict since the Hateful Wars. The worship of Ehlonna, St. Cuthbert, and Heironeous is most common here. Grain from Prinzfeld’s fields, fruit from its orchards, and game from its forest help feed the principality, while Prinzfeld’s archers and scouts help keep the land free.

Ulek, Principality of

Prinzfeld, Province of

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan