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Welcome to the Wiki campaign page.
This section will slowly populate as the campaign progresses.

For now check out some of the pages:
Eridok’s Expedition Provisions
The Broken Staff Tavern
Maldin and Elenderi’s Shop of The Arcane
The Circle of Eight
Greyhawk Lands
The People of the Lands
Empire of Iuz
The Kingdom of Furyondy
Dyvers, The Free Lands
Grand Duchy of Geoff
March of Bissel
Kingdom of Nyrond
The Yeomanry
Knights of the Watch
The Knights of Luna
The Knights of the Hart
Night of the Bloody Spears
The Hateful Wars

There are several more. Eventually they will all connect and hopefully form a detailed background for our campaign.

Feel free to help add or suggest pages.

Off to Greyhawk we go!

Main Page

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