Lortmils Mountains

This low chain of mountains, often fading into hills, contains a handful of very imposing peaks.

Historically, the demihumans of these mountains have fought long and hard to drive out the humanoids and monsters, culminating in the Hateful Wars which led to the creation of the Pomarj, from whence many red glowing eyes look back to their “birthright” and seek to regain it.
The lortmils mountains

The dwarves, mountain dwarves, and gnomes of these mountains are supported by the Ulek states, less actively by Celene, and indirectly by small tribes of aarakocra that fly the central spine of the Lortmils. The wealth of the Lortmils is great, with excellent gems, ores, and precious metals. Some of the dwarven clan leaders here are said to be as rich as princes, and are approached by emissaries from Furyondy and even Nyrond for aid. Dwarves are not, however, notoriously susceptible to such overtures

Adventuring in the Lortmils
Several possible themes are available in the Lortmils. The most enticing to those seeking rewards of gold and gems would be to find the lost city of Haradaragh, and see what treasure, if any, still remains within its shattered palaces. Scholars of several surrounding lands and priesthoods could be interested in sponsoring the expedition – so much so, that rivalries could develop between various expeditions.

The valley of Esmerin, aware that its secret may have been lost, is debating the value continuing its subterfuge. The more radical amongst its population hold that wealth from the mines could be used to bribe the leaders of Courwood to take a more active role in preventing expeditions into the mountains.

Lortmils Mountains

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