Grand Duchy of Geoff

Grand Duchy of Geoff
Geoff plate
Life, much like the landscape, is bleak and barren for the survivors of the attacks on the village of Pregmere.

Capital: None (formerly Gorna)
Type Of Government: Feudal monarchy with minor fealty to Keoland.
Ruler: His High Radiance, Owen I, Grand Duke Of Geoff (exiled)

Seasonal Temperatures
Needfest 28
Growfest 60
Richfest 75
Brewfest 37

Population 70,000
79% Human, 9% Elf, 5% Halfling, 3% Dwarf, 2% Gnome, 1% Half-Elf, 1% Half-Orc

Pelor, Ehlonna, Allitur, Phyton, Fharlanghn, St.Cuthbert, Obad-Hai, elf panthenon, Norebo, Beory, others Resources (Formerly) cloth, copper, silver, gold, timber, gems Allies Sterich, Keoland, Gran March, Bissel Languages Common, Flan, Keolandish, Halfling, Elven Enemies Various non-humans and giants in the Crystalmist mountains

The foreboding Crystalmist Mountains are the source of many of the humanoid scourges that felled the nation of Geoff.

Few suffered more during the Greyhawk Wars than the people of the Duchy of Geoff. Intricately timed attacks by humanoids, giants and the like from the Crystalmist Mountains surprised the military of the Duchy, and dozens of towns and villages were razed before any type of defensive action could be taken to stop it. Even the historic capital of Gorna now lies in the hands of these humanoids, and the Grand Duke Owen I finds himself ruling the land in exile from the Gran March.

Still these are a proud people, and many vigilante bands have begun harassing attacks against the humanoids that hold their former homelands. This is a region ripe for adventure and intrigue, and characters are sure to find their assistance against these creatures welcomed.

The native people, an Oeridian-Suel-Flan mix, have been driven from their homes by an invasion
of giants and humanoids from the Crystalmists. Some have been enslaved, some have fled into the Gran March (including the Grand Duke, exiled in Shiboleth), and others have fled to the woodlands-the Dim Forest, the Oytwood, and some in desperate straits encircled in the Hornwood, where they work with wood elves to counterattack their invaders. Most of the original fine cavalry of the Grand Duchy managed to flee t the Gran March, while the bowmen of repute hid in the woodlands, unable to escape in time.

There is little order within Geoff now, with disorganized but numerous giants and humanoids simply pillaging and ruining the land, towns, and cities. Gorna has been settled by giants, notably fomorians, who have looted the place and smashed many buildings and monuments. Rumors circulate regarding wily and freakishly intelligent leaders among the giants, but no firm evidence has been forthcoming

585 CY
The Grand Duchy of Geoff established over seven hundred years ago by Humans was the ancestral homeland to Dwarves, Eladrin, and Elves who still maintain small remnant colonies there. Invaded in 583 CY by Giants who had been previously unorganized and seldom came down into the lowlands in past centuries.

The Giants have been held in check by Dwarves in the southwest protecting the White Oyt River Gorge, Gnomes in the south protecting the Stark Mounds, Elves guarding the Oytwood to the southeast, the Humans of Gran March to the east and the Eladrin of the Dim Forest in the northeast.

Gorna is the former capital and seat of Grand Duke Owen I. The current capital under the self-proclaimed King Mogthrasir is located at Pest’s Crossing.

Occupied towns include: Derelion, Hochoch, Gorna, Hochlove, Hornwood Town, The Lea, Midwood, Oytmeet, Pest’s Crossing, Pregmere, Preston, Tika Town, and West Town.

586 CY
The Army of Retribution, led by Knight Field Marshal, Dispatcher Alica Helanasdotter, Most Indominatable Minotaur, from Gran March liberates Hochoch.

Grand Duchy of Geoff

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan