From Greyhawk Wars To The Present

A little over 1 year has passed since the Pact of Greyhawk was signed in the Free City of Greyhawk. Much has happened since then:

Harvester, 584 CY: Countless ambassadors assemble to inscribe their names on the treaty at the Day of the Great Signing (wars end)
Within the Grand Hall where the treaty was to be signed, a fierce magical battle erupted and spread havoc through the Old City.

Afterwards, two members of the famed Circle of Eight, the great mages of Greyhawk, lay dead; Otiluke and Tenser were no more. Their magical clones likewise shrivelled and perished, and their own bodies could not be resurrected. It is also known that Rary of Ket, another Circle member, was last seen fleeing with Lord Robilar into the Bright Desert, and that Rary had turned traitor and had slain his old friends. Why this is, is a tale yet in the telling. A sideshow to the main event, to be sure, but one that still shook Oerth.
Despite this, the treaty was signed and the Greyhawk Wars drew to a close. The Pact of Greyhawk ensured peace-of a sort.

Needfest, 585 CY: The drunken revels of Needfest degenerated into the locals killing 32 Tenha refugees in The Free City of Greyhawks, Shack Town, angry at losing work (insecure at the best of times, as simple laborers) and fed up with what they saw as the arrogance of the newcomers

Mid-585 CY: The startling restoration of the archmage Tenser
Followed by the announcement that the Circle of Eight is once again at full number

Late 585-early 586 CY:
Veluna begins to drive Ket from neck of the Fals River Pass and Highfolk gnomes begin the war against Ketite forces in the Northern Lorridges.
Is it reasonable to assume that both Rufio and Ri-yun went home to aid in both these wars

Fall of 585 CY:
King Archbold III of Nyrond appears to have suffered a stroke.

585 CY
Earl of Sterich is made Margrave by King of Keoland.

With Keoland’s support, Fitela is liberated.

Patchwall 585 CY:
Rumors abound that the Lord Protector of Re1 Astra, Drax the Invulnerable, has made known that he has acquired a powerful artifact of Good sacred to the Power Rao. He has offered this to the rulers of Veluna in trade for magical items more useful to the forces of Re1 Astra. Veluna’s Canon Hazen is desoerate to have the artifact and is said to be looking for powerful adventureres to travel to Rel Astra and back.

Sunsebb 585 CY:
Patriarch Lemuel (priest of Rao) and Warnes Starcoat return to Veluna from Rel Astra with the Crook of Rao. This helps Starcoat earn a place in the newly formed Circle of Eight

585 CY: Veluna begind to drive Ket from the neck of the Fals River Pass and Highfolk gnomes begin the war against the Ketite forces in the Northern Lorridges.

Beginning of 586 CY:
Rumors of a Great Northern Crusade sweep throughout all of the major cities on Greyhawk.
King Belvor of Furyondy and Canon Hazen of Veluna call for all and any able bodied man and woman that can swing a sword. Stories circulate that Canon Hazen has recoverd the Crook of Rao and will soon use it against the forces of Iuz

Fireseek, 586 CY
Divinations reveal that King Archbold III of Nyrond was poisoned and did not suffer a stroke. Following a short investigation, the guilty party is revealed to be his younger son, Sewarndt. Fighting erupts, but Archbold’s eldest son, Lynwerd, wins the day and the throne

Coldeven of 586 CY:
The Flight of Fiends
Canon Hazen of Veluna, perhaps the most powerful religious figure in all the Flanaess, employs the Crook of Rao, a powerful artifact, in a special ceremony that purges Eastern Oerik of most of the fiends inhabiting it. Nearly all foul outsiders in the Flanaess fall victim to the Crook. Hazen is a hero, and the event becomes known as the Flight of Fiends. Vast tracts of land, previously uninhabitable due to demonic infestation, stand ready for repopulation.

Late Coldeven, 586 CY:
Priests of Hextor appear in Rauxes, the former capital of the Great Kingdom. They announce Ivid V is no longer Overking. Conflict engulfs the capital in a matter of hours. Many of Ivid’s generals and nobles, filled with spite and ambition, march on Rauxes. No one can explain what followed, but the city itself was engulfed by a strange magical warp. Few willingly approach Rauxes now, and bizarre eldritch forces still prevail where the city once stood.

The former lands of the Great Kingdom now ally themselves with one of two mutually hostile powers. To the north, Grand Prince Grenell of North Province has declared himself Overking of the Kingdom of the Northern Aerdy. Overking Xavener I rules the United Kingdom of Ahlissa from his new capital of Kalstrand. Each would like to destroy the other, but money problems and internal power struggles force them to rebuild and fortify.

Planting of 586 CY:
The Great Northern Crusade
News from the North:
Word spreads through Furyondy of an extraordinary event. The great fiends that had patrolled and ravaged the many lands seized by Iuz are no longer in sight. Their disappearance initially causes a panic among troops on the front lines, who feared the monsters had crossed deep into Furyondy as a prelude to a renewed invasion by Iuz’s forces. However, word is soon received from priests of Rao, contacted by their superiors in Mitrik, that the artifact known as the Crook of Rao has been recovered, and it had been used by His Venerable Reverence, Canon Hazen, aided by many lesser priests and the archmage Bigby, to rid the Flanaess of the fiends’ presence. Reports confirming the absence of these monstrosities conflict with later news that a few fiends in scattered locations have withstood the Crook’s effect and remain at large. Still, the majority of these demons have been cast from Oerth, back into the depths of their home planes.
Crook of rao01

The consequences of this event are twofold:
First, chaos spreads through many humanoid armies of Iuz, who recognize the loss of their powerful masters; disorder even erupts among the mortal leaders of these forces, Iuz’s priests and Boneheart spellcasters, who have no idea where the fiends have gone.

Second, and more importantly, the armies in Furyondy that are arrayed against Iuz took heart. Northern lords, commanders, knights, soldiers, and commoners who dream of bitter revenge against Iuz now see it within their grasp. King Belvor knows there is no chance to hold an offensive back without risking his throne in the process. He thus sends out word to his nobles that a counteroffensive against Iuz will begin on his command. He manages to suppress the usual squabbling between the lords of Furyondy and direct their attention to calling up levies, arming troops, requisitioning supplies, and laying hasty plans for the attack

Coldeven of 586 CY:
Great Kingdom open to outdoor travel and adventures for all levels. An occasional demon (with powerful defenses) can still be found for high-level adventures, however. The Crook of Rao is held in Mitrik

Planting of 586, CY
Rumours begin to circulate that the Principality of Uleks is preparing for a a major battle with the humanoids of the east to try and recapture much of its land from the Pomarj.

586 CY
The Army of Retribution, led by Knight Field Marshal, Dispatcher Alica Helanasdotter, Most Indominatable Minotaur, from Gran March liberates Hochoch.

Many now believe Turrosh Mak is planning to build an orcish and human navy of pirates with which to extend his power across the sea

Veluna begins to drives Ket from neck of the Fals River Pass and Highfolk gnomes go to war with Ketite forces in the Northern Lorridges.

586 CY: Senior Scarlet Brotherhood Herdsmen in Onnwal and Idee are assassinated through magical means by Graf Reydrich of the South Province. Reydrich takes northern Idee from the Scarlet Brotherhood, but is assassinated soon after. Barzhaan of House Haxx assumes command of the South Province armies and completes the re-conquest of Idee.
An oligarchy of Ahlissan generals, including General Reynard, proclaims the Kingdom of Ahlissa. Several members of House Devnor released from “captivity” by Ahlissan troops. Rakehell Chert leads the Brewfest Rebellion in Onnwal, wresting control of most of the country from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Jian Destron is formally declared Szek of the Free State of Onnwal in Kildeer.

586 CY, Herzog Grenell of North Province declared himself overking of the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy.

From Greyhawk Wars To The Present

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