Chapter 2

The Continuation
15th of Firesek, 586 CY to 14th of Planting, 586 CY

After saying their farewells to both Rufio Rufio
and Riyun Ri-yun,
Bornthien and Gustav take their time training and resting. While in The Free City of Greyhawk they begin the difficult task of recruiting new adventurers. They are finally able to recruit Ashult, Baroque, Steven Grayson, Theras Thoess of Clan Meldarin and Markus Ironlock.

Not long after joining the group, Theras and Markus part ways with the party and are replaced by Nivek Nala. A few days later the party rescues Alvin a cleric of Pholtus, Zanshiri a 1/2 elf mage/fighter, and Michelle. All 3 decide to join the party.
Zanshiri leaves the party. Rick joins the party and replaces Ashult. Steven goes missing in Verbobonc City. Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert, Boethian Volonwood of the Gnarley Forest, Shavinski The Orc Slayer, decide to join the party to help the fight against the slavers. Alvin of Pholtus decides he has another calling and must follow “the blinding light” and leaves the party

Bornthien No More
Bornthien is taken and then his head delivered to the party just minutes after his death. During the struggle Nivek Nala is taken. The players are able to figure out their comrads are heading to The City of Sails where Baroque is killed and the remaining players caught by The Slavers and The Scarlet Brotherhood. Rick escapes with Michelle and attempts to have Baroque resurrected. Baroque does not survive.

Much of the party was hired to travel the hundreds of miles with Gustav so he could give Thronyn a proper burial. The story has taken a turn for the possible worse. It seems as if Thronyn burial will have to be postponed:


The party is kidnapped in Dyvers and are on their way to The Wild Coast.
Boethian Volonwood, Breaker, Gustav, Nivek Nala, Shavinski The Orc Slayer, Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert, Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert, and Steven Grayson. must find a way to escape or surely die as slaves or worse.

Just 10 days later 2 of the captives: John the Centaur and Breaker, manage to escape.

As a way of discouraging another uprising, Nivek Nala and Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert are put to death by the slavers. For the last 10 days some of the slaves, lead by the PCs, have attempted to escape. The Slaver, Eanwulf, decided it was time to show the slaves he means business and instructs one of the overseers to behead the paladin of St Cuthbert and nail Nivek to the side of the ship.

The centaur and Breaker devise a plan to stop the ship and succeed. The slavers escape, taking Shavinski The Orc Slayer, Steven Grayson and Boethian Volonwood with them. Gustav is left behind along with the majority of the lower level help.
What happened to Centaur2 John the Centaur
and Breaker Breaker?
Did they simply make their escape and go their separate ways?

Chapter 2

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