Bodies of Water


Southeastern Waters
These waters comprise the Aerdi and Oljatt Seas, the Tilva Strait, and the Spindrift Sound.
The Scarlet Brotherhood controls much of these seas, contesting northern areas with the Sea Barons and in a few incursions from Ice Barbarians. Eastward along the north coast of Hepmonaland, a handful of pirates-some reputed to be seagoing hobgoblins-occasionally foray westward.
The warm, blue-green depths of the Oljatt Sea are particularly beautiful, and also particularly
dangerous, with many sea serpents and octopi of great size, capable of dragging down smaller vessels. Ships were often chained together in great convoys to prevent this fate, and seamen typically carry pikes to fend off such monsters. The Tilva Straits and Aerdi Sea are known to be shark-infested

Northeastern Waters
The Solnor Ocean and the vast Grendep Bay are disputed among the Sea Barons and Ice Barbarians, the latter holding greater sway the farther north one goes. Great whales throng the Solnor, which is said to stretch for a thousand leagues eastward. In summer, Ice Barbarian longships carry great harpoons, although their whaling is opportunistic rather than well-organized. The Ice Barbarians do not travel much in Grendep Bay in the fall, for monsters greater in size even than whales can be seen at sport there.
Marner is a vital port along the coastline-the major port for Ratik from which a little trade still manages to filter down to eastern Aerdy states, although this is very hazardous

Southern Central Waters
The vessels of the Scarlet Brotherhood hold complete dominion here-in the Densac Gulf,
Azure Sea, and Jerlea Bay. While peace allows traders to sail these waters from the north, few take the chance. The Azure Sea has always had a plentiful share of sea monsters, and most traders used to stick to the coasts of the Iron League states, but monsters seem to be more common there now (unless the ships are those of the Brotherhood, strangely enough). Kraken and coastal sea lions are among the hazards of the Azure and Jerlea Bay, and rumors of morkoths laired around the OIman Islands are a deterrent to travel in the Densac Gulf. The Gulf itself is said to open into a vast ocean stretching well into Lower Oerik, but its waters are unmapped beyond northern Amedio.
The Scarlet Brotherhood has by no means subjugated all of Amedio. Along its coastline and small offshore islands, pirates prove as irksome a threat to Brotherhood ships as they previously did to those of other nations. Some of these pirates are said to be assisted by weathercontrolling magic, and to use arrows coated in paralyzing alkaloid poisons from the jungles.
The western half of the Azure Sea is also known to be infested with great swathes of seaweeds that slow ships and render the air foul and noxious, in addition to concealing monsters such I as merrow and scrags.

Central Waters
Relmor Bay, Woolly Bay, and the Sea of Gearnat are well mapped, with excellent navigator’s
charts readily available. The humanoids of the Pomarj do not appear to be setting sail just yet, so traders headed from Greyhawk to Nyrond can still sail in relative safety, although the route through the Nyr Dyv and via Urnst is increasingly preferred. To the east, Nyrondese naval vessels dominate Relmor Bay still, only occasionally skirmishing with bandits and brigands operating out of the old South Province. A handful of Irongate vessels still risk the journey to Nyrond also
Woolly Bay is known to contain groups of scrags (marine trolls) which may have coastal lairs in the Pomarj. Vessels traveling this bay often have many readied spears covered in thick balls of wool and pitch, ready to ignite and use against these creatures.

Dramidj Ocean

Northern Waters
The Icy Sea is frozen over in great areas except during high summer, during which time Ice Barbarians sometimes hunt here for walrus ivory, killer whales, and seal furs. Even at such times, the sea is dangerous due to thick fogs and floes of pack ice. White Fanged Bay is aptly named after a ragged coastline that resembles the teeth of a great predator. The seals and walruses here are hunted by the men of Stonefist.

Lake Quag
The Nyr Dyv
Whyestil Lake

Bodies of Water

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