The Orchish Wild Coast


The armies of Turrosh Mak, so-called Emperor of the Pomarj, burned through the cities of the Wild Coast like wildfire. Now Fax, Badwall and Elredd, lie crushed beneath the Mak’s heel, while Narwell struggles to rise from the ashes of its destruction

Fax and Badwall are completely destroyed. Ovetaken by humanoids that use the ruined cities to plan their next assault north of the Buffer Zone

The Slavelords have built many secret outposts and strongholds along the Wild Coast, but few are more open about their affiliation with the Orchish Empire and their new Slavelords as the residents of the Port Elredd, just south of the Buffer Zone.
Orchish empire

Orc pirate ships patrol the waters 30 miles to either side of the city, and land fortifications-train trebuchets, heavy catapults, and other war machines-are trained on the waves to ward against the Hardby Marines and the ships of the other free lands.
Woolly bay

Braxem’s Village

The Orchish Wild Coast

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan