Fax and badwall
Population: 5,000

582 CY
To gain a grip on this quarrelsome collection of orcs, goblins, gnolls, ogres, and the like, Turrosh united them behind a common cause. Tales of the Hateful Wars, which drove the tribes from the Lortmils, still circulated around the council fires, so Turrosh needed little persuading to convince his chieftains to reclaim their “birthright.”
By a stroke of fortune, Turrosh struck at the most opportune time. Great crusading armies had just left the lands of the south, taking with them some of their nations’ ablest men and generals. With others’ attention focused to the north, the newly proclaimed orc nation found time to organize and grow.

Boastfully proclaiming that he would “forge an empire where none has stood,” Turrosh fielded his savage armies in the month of Readying. He chose his first conquests carefully, looking for easy victories. In quick succession Elredd, Badwall, and Fax fell to the humanoid armies, and thus the southern Wild Coast was overrun.

Fax is now a broiling, boiling, oozing sore on the face of Flanaess. It is a pirates’ den, for slavers, raiders, and smugglers. Hundreds of taverns and brothels cram the ill-conceived, ramshackle streets and alleys. There is no law or order to speak of. There is an old pirate by the name of Captain Skulljack who is the official leader of the town, but as he is fond of saying with a jack of rum in his fist, “…wear a sword, cuz anything goes.”

Fax has a deepwater harbor that caters to dregs and pirates of any kind, from all over the Flanaess. The bay is actually a great place for merchants of strong stomach and stout heart to unload their goods, legal or illegal, because Captain Skulljack has no organized system of taxation. Whenever he deems the city needs something, he takes up a collection from ruffians and pirates, or goes off raiding coastal towns.


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan