Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

18th of Patchwall, 586 CY

More than a week of silence does the party some good. They hide in their magical house. The Kuo-Toa go about their business. The mage reconstructs the golem.
The fighters and ranger take the time to train and gain levels.
During that time a bat can be seen flying around. It inspects the dead kuo-toa before they are taken away. it hangs from the ceiling facing the safe house the PC’s are inside of. It can’t see the house but somehow it senses it is there, somewhere.
The bat turns into a man, a druid looking man. He finds a door. He can feel it. It’s there. He knocks on it.
He knocks again… Suddenly the door flings open sending the druid to the floor. He’s surrounded by the PC’s.

He explains to the PC’s that he and his party were lost in the mountains and have been for weeks. He barely escaped with his own life as drow cut down the rest of his party.
The party decides to send out the new thief. He will attempt to investigate the Kua-Toa hold before the party decides to make a break for it.
He comes across prison cells that filled with everything from orcs to humans. He decides to speak with the human. He claims to be a paladin of St. Cuthbert. He is chained to the wall. The thief manages to free him and then leaves.
He can hear the fight behind him. The paladin does what he can to survive
The thief returns and shares that the time to exit is now. They move down the west side of the hold.
They come across Kuo-Toa soldiers. But, because magic allows them to be silent and invisible, they barely get by without being noticed.
They reach where they believe the leader is most probably at. Kuo-Toan soldiers prepare to fight.
They make inside. The fight continues
The thief finds a secret passage to the west
They come across a room with a pool. Pillars come out of it. There are 2 Kuo-Toan’s inside. They capture the thief and kill him.
The fighter, Auron, enters to help the fallen halfling. He takes on the Kuo-Toan’s. The moment he enters the room 8 tentacles come out of the room. They begin to attack the halfling. The fighters rush in. After several rounds, and many close moments, they kill off the Kuo-Toan’s and push back the tentacles.
The thief is resurrected. There is a set of stairs that lead down