Halfling from the southern tip of the Gnarley Forest


3-9, 67 lbs. 35 years old. Originally from the southern tip of the Gnarley Forest.
Humble yet brave. Believes good will always triumph over evil. Seeks vengeance against the Pomarj for the burning down and slavery of his people and for the death of his leader Thrnonyn.

See 8th of Coldeven, 586 CY for the halfling’s death.

4th of Wealsun, 586 CY
Rufio, Riyun, and Vondoodle return to The Free City of Greyhawk, purchase a Ring of Regeneration. But they unfortunately find out it will not work on an Bornthien.


His bravery is as mighty as his sword. This halfling believes the gods of good will help win this war against the evil that he watched burn down his shire and force his people into slavery.
He doesnt see his run in with the party as coincidence. All is meant to be! His days of a typical merry halfling are over. He has traded in his mug of ale and farming equipment for some armor and a sword.


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan