Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY

Greyhawk Campaign Part 2

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY (Godsday)
A few weeks ago Bobs remains were returned to his clan in The Cairn Hills.
Horris The Wild Mage, also dead, was returned along with the Tomb of the Planes to The Wizards Guildhall.

After a long and overdue rest and some training by the remaining party; Bornthien, Ri-yun, Gustav, Rufio, the celebration of Needfest, passed just 11 days ago and lasted a full 7 cold days before beginning the start of the new year, 586 CY.

Riyun and Rufio announce they are leaving the party and are heading home to prepare for the assault on Iuz to the north.

A few weeks ago Gustav, while seeking news of Ulek from the sailors near the River Quarter, met Sir Steven Grayson at the Whistling Fish . Talk about the orcs in The Pomarj being the topic while enjoying some of Gruenab’s fine food.

Gustav has learned from his frequent visits to the Gold Digger Tavern, that there is news from the Principality of Ulek of a possible movement to have Greyhawk and Ulek combine forces to strike at the Orcish Empire of The Pomarj


Gustav says: “Steven will be a great addition to the party. His passion to stop the reign of the orcs in the Pomarj is something we can use.”

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY

At this point, Rufio would spend the next few days trying to track down information on whether the top two leaders (who we killed just before we got sent to the Astral) have been resurrected or replaced by others.

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY

A quick secret meeting with Melf and your easily able to verify that both Braks and Tanva are alive.

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY

“Well lets go back and finish them All!, Gustav I like you. Your a tough man and I’ve herd that you’ve killed millions of Orcs almost as many as the Great Bob, slayer of Ogres. May Moradin take him to Valhala, or were ever Dwarfs go…”

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY

Gustav: “1st we must travel to Veluna. Thronyn must be returned home.”

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY

“Of course the great Thronyn must be returned, he has done much good for the world he deserves a peaceful after life”

4th of Fireseek, 586, CY