Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

5th of Growfest, 586 CY

Woolly bay
Somewhere on the Wild Coast
High: 47
Low: 35
Partly cloudy day

The party is separated. Is Gustav alive? Did he die? Was he rescued? Who is alive? Who is dead?

The centaur decides he must head to Celene but insists to Breaker and Gustav that at some point he will find them. Celene is more than 300 miles away. It will take the druid, in bird form, more than a week to reach.

Gustav, barely concious, tells Breaker that just 2 days away is the small fishing village of Carnakh. If he can reach the village he can rest for the trip to Safeton, another 1 1/2 days away.

The starts off very early for any slave about to enter the arena. 1st the weakest of the weak are lined up and are forced to enter the pits 2-4 at a time. Almost all of them do not return back to their cells.

When it comes to 1st Shavinski The Orc Slayer, he takes out his opponent. The orcs of the arena are not happy.

Boethian Volonwood is taken to the arena and quickly scores a kill. Once again the orcs are not thrilled and demand blood. A halfling is brought into the pits. His leg cutt off and handed a rusty blade. He is forced to fight. This is done over and over again as Gakurish Lemnak, the orc chief, does what he can to raise the morale of his troops.

Next is the strange looking man from the east. Before he even has a chance to react, the orc takes a cheap swing at him and scoresa hit to the chest. A fatal hit that cuts through his chest and heart. Dead…..he’s dead.

Now both the elf and dwarf are forced to face off. They refuse to figting. They tell the crowd they will both choose death before fighting each other. A mighty 1/2 orc decides he has seen enough and tells several 1/2 orc guards and fliends to prepare the rest of the slaves for Elredd. “I think the Reaver will appreciate these 2” he says.
The trip to Elredd from Cantona is more than 200 miles away and will take more than 2 weeks to reach.



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