Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

4th day of Growfest, 586 CY

Day 17  late
High 52
Low 29
A party cloudy day that evenually opens up into a rainstorm that lasts all day. The Selintan fills to its peak and much of the river overflows into the nearby lands.

The centaur and Breaker hurry past the ship to rest and prepare. A week later, later in the evening, they strike.

North One Ford, the druid creates a wall of stone more than 150 feet below that sticks out of the river. The plan is to stop the slave ship.
Several gnomes, known as Lamplighters or “Water Rats,” the nighttime look outs of the Selintan, can be seen on the river. The storm is raising concern and they dare not enter to far into the river until the waters are calm again.

Breaker and the centaur know there is an invisible ship heading north on the Selintan. The gnomes refuse to believe that such a ship could get past the greyhawk militia and could never get past them. Although not impossible to see, the storm makes it difficult to see the break in the river from the massive ship.

An hour passes….
Suddenly there is a huge crash against the wall of stone. The PCs and gnomes hear a loud screech, an explosion of tons of massive rock tackling tons of wood, as the ships bottom scrapes over the stone and stops dead. The crash creates a massive wave that washes anything in the river over its banks and smashing onto land. Gnomes are thrown dozens of feet. Several barely survive.

As soon as the ship crashes into the wall of stone, the bottom half, right where your rowing, starts to take in tons of water The guards are instructed to remove “only the finest of slaves” from their shackles and bring them upstairs. Because of the lack of time, only Boethian Volonwood, the strange looking man from the east, Shavinski The Orc Slayer, are removed.

Several rounds later a mage is seen reading scrolls that several seconds later make 1stthe Monk and his minions dissapear, then the clerics, the captain and his 4 guards, and then the PCs. Eanwulf appears several seconds later along with the 2 drow. The mage appears 2 rounds later.
You find yourselfs on a dock. Orcs, hobgoblins, fliends, and other beasts, are unloading ships. Many come up to you and speak in their native orchish tongue. A 1/2 orc, one of the higher ups, translates: “they are saying they hope to eat your faces Mr elf and dwarf. Welcome to Cantona”

Half orc
Captain Benyan wants to know who will be paying for his ship and slaves. “This is unacceptable! How can peasants cause so much trouble??” he demands. “You said it was all under control!” he scolds Eanwulf.
Eanwulf walks up to the captain, slaps him across his face and puts a small blade to his throat. “You are a damn drunken fool! You will be reported and maybe even hung. I have had it with your foolishness and will make sure it never happens again.” He says something in orc and suddenly dozens of orcs surround the captain, his men, and the 3 of you. “Take the captain and his men to my quarters where I will personally deal with them. Take the others to the cells near the pits.”

You are taken past a makeshift living area where slaves make pots and baskets. Several orcs come up and look you over. The slaves are miserable and look diseased.
Several hundred feet more and you can see smoke coming out of chimneys where orcs are making metal goods
Many of the orcs taunt the slaves with hot coals. Some of the slaves are even burned as other orcs become excited and have to be calmed down.

Another 100 feet and you can see where most of the troops are stationed. The pit is in the center of the a makeshift barracks along with building that houses the slaves in cells. The pit is an awesome and terryfying thing to witness (to those that will be doing the fighting). Each slave is divided into one cell each, fed, and given water. Each one is told to rest. “To make Elredd 1st survive pits of Cantona. I suggest rest” says a 1/2 orc.
All evening the orcs drink and do what they can to make sure not 1 slave gets much rest. Many are urinated on, poked with swords, and worse. Some of the women and children are raped. They scream for help but no one comes.
The arena pit

The centaur and Breaker reach the ship. All of the lower level guards have jumped ship and are attemtping to escpape to the west of the ship east of the Gnarley Forest. Breaker manages to catch up to a few and slays them. The others escape.

Both of you provide all the help you can to help the slaves, but most have drowned. You also notice the villians have fled the ship. They are nowhere to be found. After some further inspection, it is obvious the foes left in haste. Most of their armor, weapons, magic, and treasures left behind. In the captains quarters you find several documents confirming where the slaves are being brough to:
1st to Cantona and then to Elredd. Some are being taken to Highport, some are being diverted to Istiven in Sterich where since right before the wars began in 584, giants have taken over most of the land and now the area is in utter chaos. It is also well known that many uprisings are happening and there are plans to win back those lands. There are even rumours that drow are involved and that possibly Lolth has something to do with it all. A rumour that has existed since the days of The Temple of Elemental Evil more than 3-4 years ago.

Breaker remembers that a man, some kind of leader and apparent trouble maker, is possibly hanging off the bow of the ship. Could he still be alive? As the gods would dictate, yes he is. Barely breathing, but alive.
The Greyhawk Militia is on their way. It will be a couple hours at best before any of them reach the ship and begin their investigations. You loot what you can, head west of One Ford onto The Wild Coast, and head to Safeton.
Day 17  later 2



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