Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

24th of Coldeven, 586 CY


The Selintan, 10 miles north of Two Ford
High: 48
Low: 36
A party cloudy day that sometimes allows the sun to warm the lands.

The last 10 days have been long indeed. Some of the slaves have attemtped to escape and failed. Many have died from exhaustion and/or disease. Several have been caught plotting with other slaves and made an example of by either being beaten or put to death.

Some of the PCs are able to speak to the slave that is chained to them day in an day out. Some are willing to do what it takes to escape. Others do not have the strength or courage.

But today will be different. At least for 2 of the heroes in our story.

The Escape
Captain Benyan and 2 of his strongest men have been seen with a pet, a parrot that seems a little too smart. The bird is in a cage but the captain insists he is included in the daily task of making his rounds on the ship. The captains guards can be heard arguing with the captain. Their distrust for the bird grows. But, Benyan drinks his spirits and will not hear of it.

Breaker is one tough bastard, breaking free of his chains day in and day out, only to be nearly beaten to death every time, but never giving up the fight. Eanwulf salivates at the amount of gold this specimen will take in for him. The guards beg the pirate to kill Breaker. “One of these nights ees gonna break free and take one of us out sir” says one of the guards. Eanwulf replies: “I will take that risk since he is worth more than all of you combined. If he dies for any reason your heads will roll”

Every single day/night Breaker attempts to break free, the effort can be heard by the slaves below. If he actually breaks free, the sound of the chains breaking and the fight that follows, echoes throughout the ship. Some of the slaves pick these moments to try and escape. So far none have succeeded.

Captain Benyan has reached the peak of his boredom. It is not uncommon for a pirate leader like himself to be on a ship for several months. He is seen drinking his whisky all day long. Eanwulf is seen scolding him over and over again. Benyans men promise they will watch over him. Captain Benyan seems to be becoming more and more friendly with the parrot. There are several times he insists the bird be let out of its cage, only to be forced by his guards to not do so. The frustration with thier captain is growing.

Captain Benyan

That evening, after another challenging day with the captain, Benyan finally decides to retire to his quarters.
After arguing with his 2 guards for the last 20 mins, he allows the parrot to exit its cage and walk about the room. “Why would eee leave me? Huh? Eees me friend. A captains pet indeed”
Just a few rounds later, the captain falls asleep/passes out on his bed.

The 2 guards immediately go to grab the parrot and put it back in its cage. Suddenly the bird turns into a 1/2 man, 1/2 horse beast. A centaur!

The beast recognizes the guards are surprised and decides to kick the door open. It succeeds.

Seconds later Breaker attempts to break free of his chains, and succeeds.

Captain Benyan begins to stir. Confused and drunk, he seems uninterested in reacting. The guards beg for his help. A few seconds more go by and the centaur turns back into a parrot, and attempts to fly away. Breaker decides, instead of fighting and probably dying, it would be best to jump overboard. Both get away.

“Steven,” after being able to beak free of his shackles, hears the fight upstairs and decides its time. The dswarf is able to escape, along with a few other slaves, and joins in.
Their attempt at freedom does not go so well. They are all easily subdued.
Eanwulf drags ALL of the PCs upstairs.
He instructs 2 of his guards to hold down Sir Colin Martin of St. Cuthbert. One of the guards is instructed to behead the paladin. After killing and then resurrecting Nivek, Eanwulf has heard enough of the 1/2 elfs mouth and instructs several of his men to nail him to the side of the ship.
“They will not be pleased,” says Eanwulf. “Let us hope the rest of the trip is a peaceful one.”



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