Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

23rd of Ready'reat 586 CY

Not far from the Lortmil Mountains
High: 46°F (7.78°C)
Low: 27°F (-2.7°C)
Winter is nearly here. The skies are clear. The day is cold and crisp

The adventurer’s wake up early. They are preparing for their march towards the Lortmil Mountains 4-5 hours away.

A couple hundred meters outside of the fort…
There’s a path lined with trees on both sides. Barok, their halfling thief, will go up and scout.

The rest of the adventurers patiently wait behind. But a few of them, especially the elf ranger, hear rustling in the trees. They notice makeshift ladders made out of ropes that lead up into the trees. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that there are orcs waiting to ambush anyone that tries to close in on their camp.

Before they have a chance to climb up, the orcs begin to shoot arrows at them. But luckily the adventurers knew they were there and are hidden well enough to avoid dozens of arrows reigning down on them. More than a dozen orcs begin to climb down.

But several orcs on the other side of the trees maintain their position, shoot arrows, and put the party below in danger. So Vulwin, followed by Bob, climb up and take on the orcs. Vulwin is hit by two arrows and is barely hanging on. But he and Bob finish them off. The adventurers on the ground take some damage. But still manage to finish off the orcs. Yet, one of the orcs manages to flee. He will no doubt warn the others that trouble is heading their way.

The adventurers reach the abandoned fort
After a fierce battle with at least a dozen orcs, the adventurers reach the fort just a hundred meters away. They can see at least 10 orcs on the roof of the building. It looks like it’s been abandoned for some time.
The orcs have made it into a fort of sorts. To the left and right of the front of the building there are two entrances. Both being guarded by orcs.
Vulwin, Pip, Raísa, and Glen stay behind. Hidden in the brush and tree’s
Helda, Malkam, and Bob use rings of invisibility to move up and take a closer look inside. Luckily, the orc’s have been drinking. And since it’s daylight, they’re not at their best. They hear the intruder’s. But can’t seem to focus.

Helda and Malkam move up to the door on the right.
Both will join Bob as he prepares to enter to the left. Before doing so, Malkam drops caltrops and Helda gets a spell off.
Bob rushes into the building, he’s immediately surrounded by 5-6 orcs.
Helda follows. Malkam begins to work himself into a frenzy. The others start to shoot arrows at the orcs on the roof.
Barok has managed to sneak into the orc leaders private quarters. The halfling can’t take anymore. He backstabs the filth why he’s distracted with the woman.
A perfect hit makes the orc scream out loud. He’s bleeding badly from his private area. He see’s the halfling and tries to grab him. But he’s just too wounded. Barely able to even stand up, he misses. The female slave, angered and distraught, instinctively takes a swing at the orc. She hits him square in the face. They can now hear the sound of guards quickly coming down the hallway. Barok is able to finish off the orc leader. And with a little luck from the god’s, the two guards.
Bob cuts down at least 10 orcs. Helda and Malkam take out their share.
Vulwin, Pip, and Glen have a nasty back and forth with the orcs on the roof. One of the orcs manages to score a direct hit on Glen. Immediately killing him.
The female slave tells the adventurers there’s a room filled with slaves. Her kids are in that room.
The three orcs that are left decide to enter that room and kill off as many slaves as they can. Some sick desperate attempt to keep themselves alive. Pip helps to save the day with a sleep spell. But many of the slaves have been cut down.

The adventurers notice a very subtle green mist coming from the cracks in the floorboards. Hovering just a few centimeters off the ground, the mist can easily go unnoticed. Getting close enough to smell it is not very pleasant. It wreaks of rotting garbage.

Ruined Temple of St Cuthbert
The party finds what seems to be a ruined temple. It looks like it’s been abandoned for some time. On the doors you can barely make out the symbols of St Cuthbert. Coming out the crack of the doors is the same green mist. Inside the party finds 2 priests of The Earth Dragon preparing to sacrifice a young girl. Guarding them are several gnoll’s. Leading them is a pale skin, albino looking man, wearing red robes.
The man in the red robes unleashes a massive hit on Bob and knocks him to ground. Bob is laying there, gasping for air, barely alive.
The priests grabs the girl and escape into the lower depths of the temple. A couple of the adventurer’s give chase while the others stay upstairs to finish off the gnoll’s.
The green mist below is a bit heavier and more evident. The priests takes the girl to the opposite side of the room. The adventurer’s follow and attack. They can feel what seems like human bones littering the ground. A couple of rounds later the bones animate and attack.
There are now a couple of dozen skeletons on the attack. Malcom and Helda do their best to turn them. But enough of them still do some real damage. Raisa is knocked unconscious. The other adventurer’s are taking a beating, it’s not looking good.
But with the help of Bob, Barok, Vulwin, and Pip, who come downstairs just in time, they manage to finish off the skeletons and priests.
In the middle of the room is a trap door. Around the cracks of the door the green mist is billowing out.