Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

22nd of Ready'reat 586 CY

City of Gryrax
High: 50°F (10°C)
Low: 29°F (-1.6°C)
A clear but very cold day

Recently, a clan of Dripping Blade orcs was seen less than a days travel outside of the city of Gryrax. They’ve been burning farms, looting, and doing much worse to those that are unlucky enough to survive their attacks.
As the party gets ready in the morning for their journey, Pip tells the group that this band of orcs not far outside of the city are the very same orcs who took his cousins. Glen confirms that these are the very same scum that attacked his hometown, murdered his wife, and took his children. He is eager for his revenge.
The party agrees that this will be a good place to start their scouting for Prince Corrond’s family. Hopefully they can catch the orcs off guard and gain some intel on the whereabouts of Father Legate.

Almost a days travel outside of Grygax. And not far from Havenhill
After marching for more than half the day, the adventurers decide to make camp. They will take turns throughout the night watching over the camp.
Later that evening…
It’s very late. The 2nd shift takes over. The adventurers are doing their best to rest. But of course that’s going to be impossible. Almost a dozen dwarf’s are quickly heading their way. Most are bloodied and barely hanging on. Not far behind them is a group of about a dozen orcs and goblins riding wolf’s.
The dwarf’s see the adventurer’s and hope they will come to their aid.
A violent clash begins. Sleeping adventurer’s have to be woken up. The few that already awake rush up and try to help the dwarf’s before they’re all slaughtered.
The orc leader gets close to the camp. He is yelling obscenities at them. He is confident in his strength. But his overconfidence will be his downfall. As he is quickly taken out. Most of the orcs, goblins, and wolf’s are killed. Several manage to flee. Two orcs are captured.
Only a few dwarf’s survive. Their leader, Karl Stonecutter, sits down, blood streaming down his face. Raisa recognizes their colors. They are from the Kingdom of Keoland. He says, “we are in your debt. We were returning from an expedition in the Lortmil Mountains. Our high priest received a message yesterday. We were hurrying south to greet your prince’s call to arms. And then we were attacked. Our priest and many others were killed. So we had to flee.”

The adventurer’s share with them the events that took place at Prince Corrond’s residence.
Karl Stonecutter, nearly in tears, responds, “be quick on your feet. Make the bastards pay”

Pip charms one of the captured orcs and finds out there is a fort near by. Just a 4-5 hours march away. The dwarf’s will take the two orcs to Grygax. Where they will be further interrogated and then hanged. But they are defiant. In their orchish tongue they yell, “Death to Ulek! Long live Turrosh Mak The Despot”
The adventurer’s are able to finally rest with no further incidents.