Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

19th of Planting, 586 CY

High 64
Low 44
A beautiful clear day

Safeton low quarter smaller
High 64
Low 44
A beautiful clear day

Safeton’s Low Quarter
The Screaming Harpy Inn (63)

After several hours of waiting, a huge man with metal teeth, tattoo’s all over his body and face, comes up to Gustav. “I hear you and your gang think your some kind of bad asses,” he says. Before Gustav has a chance to say anythung Krel gets in between the 2 and takes a punch from the tat man. The place goes nuts as more than a dozen others join the fight and the place empties.

Punches are followed by chairs and tables being thrown. Several other of the cutthroats are seen taking out knives and similar weapons. The cleric, Marlena and illusionist, Von Doodle, do what they can to at least subdue as many of the enemy before the party is overpowered. After nearly a full turn the leader is unconcious and the brawl is over.

Gustav, along with several other of the adventurers, take the man with metal teeth outside of the city gates. He finally comes to but is resistant. He refuses to tell what he knows and instead chooses death. Gustav turns his back as the gang leader is put to death.

The cleric speaks with dead on the gang leader. She finally gets a name: Bob Gerstaff. It appears he is the leader of the “The Bloods” Maybe this name will prove useful.

The adventurers decide it’s time to head south.

The Death of Gustav

Wyvernen map
Just 2 hours after leaving the PCs reach Wyvernen, just 10 miles south of Safeton, at the beginning of the Buffer Zone, a tiny village with less than two hundred people. Surrounded by a wall of stone and wood, Wyvernen is home to farmers, bandits, raiders, peat-diggers.

When the adventures reach the village, several families claim there is something sinister happening in what once was a peaceful cemetery they used to bury their dead.
The PCs are hurried in to the village where they meet the towns ruler, Hendred Blerrid, priest of the god of war, mas­sacres, conflict, and tyranny (Hextor). He rules the town with an iron hand, for­bidding anyone from fleeing the village, and rides a trained wyvern. His intense hatred for orcs causes him to urge the villagers to prepare for battle; his speech includes descriptions of orc blood running down the village walls.

Hendred explains to the party that he, and several others, have confirmed the cemetery just west of their village, is overrun by undead. “The bones and rotting bodies of the dead have been seen,” he shares. He and many others believe their own dead are being brought back to life. “Greyhawk won’t do a damn thing once you start south in to the buffer zone,” he says. He does not have much to offer but will put together at least a few hundred gold and whatever provisions the village can spare.

Grave 1
The party encounters several skeletons but the cleric puts them away with ease.

The gnome checks out worn looking mausoleum. When he returns his dogs act odd. As if they do not recognize him. The cleric dispels magic on him. Von Doodle snaps out of it and finds a very expensive and well carved gem in his pocket. Riyun takes the gem. Several seconds later a woman like ghost appears. Krel and Furfaate run for their very existence as Gustav falls dead to the round. After a couple rounds of sparring with the ghost it returns to the gem. The cleric takes it for safe keeping,

Gustav is dead. He can’t be resurrected. His hair turned white, the look of horror on his face. His eyes wide open in disbelief. What now?

Rufio, Riyun, and Von Doodle, agree to fulfill the quest. Gustav is thrown into the portable hole as they head 20’ down the stairway found in the mausoleum.

Grave 2
The party head down a 10×10 hallway dug in to the earth. Furfaate finds a pit trap. The PCs eventually fight off an earth elemental. After travelling more than 100’ they come across another door. The PCs burn the cobwebs filling the hallway. Seconds later 3 large spiders exit their home and attack the PCs.

The PCs travel a few hundreds underground. They finally reach 2 huge double doors that lead into a huge hall.
Undead 1
The PCs are surrounded by skeletons and a stone golem.
Riyun hears the whispers of a magic user behind a door to the north. His aim is true and he takes him out before more undead can be summoned.
The PCs take on a black guard, a mage, and a priest of some sort.
Before the encounter is over Wylie Toeoma, brother of Furfaate, lays near death on the ground. His left arm and left gone. Severed by a sword of sharpness.

The PCs find 3 open chests. Seems as if just recently someone was able to undo the chests and take what treasure he/she wanted.

The party battles 3 mummies
Undead 2
Marlena uses the power of Istus to turn the undead

The PCs go back to Wyvernen. They will leave behind Wylie to regenerate his limbs.

Krel assassinates `the Black Guard and ends up with the sword of sharpness.

The party rests for the evening. Rufio, Riyun and Vondoodle decide they will take Bornthien’s decapitated head and go back to The Free City of Greyhawk. They will purchase a ring of regeneration and wait for the halfling to grow back. It will take at least 3-4 months before he has his most of his limbs back. A full 5-6 months to be at 100%

High 69
Low 49
A beautiful clear day.
The night was an easy one. The party wakes up as soon as the suns rays touch the floor of the forest.
The forest is alive. Sounds fill your ear. The ranger will sometimes stop for a moment to pick up on any signs or message the leaves or animals have to share with him.

Maybe luck is shifting for the escaped elf and dwarf. Well, maybe not…
Sam 17700
As the afternoon begins to turn into evening the familiar sounds of a “magic missle” can be heard. By the time the dwarf picks up on it it is too late. It pounds him in the back. The PCs turn around but see nothing. No tracks, nothing…

Theras responds “a mage. Let’s take cover.” After retreating to the safety of the woods for more than a turn the ranger carefully makes his way back to the path to search for tracks. “Even worse A mage that can fly and stay invisible,” he says

Without wasting another second the party continues to head south. This time keeping to the woods and off the path. Several miles later the players are stopped. “Who goes there?! What is your business in these parts of the woods?!”
2 archers, both human, point there arrows and demand answers.
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After a few rounds the party gains their trust and are taken to a small hamlet buried in the forest.

Sam 1777
Outside there are 2 guards watching a 1/2 elf female take on a rather tough male covered in a cloak made of feathers. She has him arm pinned with hers and throws him to the ground. She puts her right foot on his chest. “Maybe next time,” she says. The 2 guards exchange a few coins. One of them says to the other “easiest couple of gold I’ve made all month.”
Sam 1776
The PCs are invited inside the hamlet.
Inside there is Davian Urthadar, a male human ranger from Corustaith, After speaking to the PCs about the encounter he tells the adventures he must make it back to Corustaith as soon as possible to speak with his leader Parsimmon Turmercan

There are 5 others. All woodsmen from the Gnarley and Suss forests
Thorry Gladomain (male, human), Wilfalcon Ironwill (male, human), Zankul Tumblebelly (male, human), Janrath Hawklight (male, human), and Eilonna Pegason (female, ½ elf).

An argument breaks out. The woodsmen claim it is the fault of the elfs in the forest. They believe this all has to do with them. They ranger admits there is one of his own missing. The last time he saw him was a day ago about 3 miles north of the hamlet
Davian recruits the PCs and goes off looking for his dead comrade. He decides they will start with the druids about a mile away.

The PCs come across the Treant.
Sam 1778 treant
The treant knows of the existence of another treant, a black treant. “The Lyrannikin…lives…3 miles north…” it says.
“Does not threaten forest. Cannot move.” It has no other knowledge about anything useful to the PCs.

The PCs then come across the group of elven woodsmen the others spoke about. Sam 1780 elves
At 1st the elves shun anyone that asks about the rangers disappearance. The elves will only speak to the elf in the party, Theras Thoess of Clan Meldarin.
‘They say humans blame them for this," he says. “Something does not seem right. This seems strange to me.”
Shavinski The Orc Slayer and Auron Blackmore aren’t buying it. They lay into the elf doing the talking. They demand answers and then take the elf with them as they look for the lost ranger.

The PCs reach the druids
Sam 1782 druids
This will be the second time within weeks that the druids of the forest speak of an imbalance.
“There is something not right with the plant life,” says one of the druids as she inspects a grouping of flowers. The believe the negative energy is 2 miles north of this location. They have not yet inspected the area but plan to.

The adventurers find the body of the woodsman. It appears he slain just a few days ago. There are no marks on his body other than similar marks that resemble magic missiles.

The centaur polymorphs into an eagle. He will take a look ahead and see what he finds in the forest.

He returns in just a few rounds. He’s spotted a spriggan in giant form hiding in the forest preparing to ambush.

The PCs attempt to catch the spriggan by surprise but are suddenly caught in a fight
Sam 1783 2
Another spriggan comes out of the shadows directly behind Theras and goes for the backstab. It hits. Theras is down..
It morphs into giant form as the other spriggan fights on. Theras is killed. The mage shows back up and launches more magic missles
Sam 1784
Auron Blackmore rushes over to help the elf ranger. It’s too late.

Sam 1785
The battles continues. A few rounds later someone or something takes a swipe at Shavinski The Orc Slayer. He feels the blade barely miss his throat. A halfling appears. Before the dwarf can turn and face him the hobbit puts on a ring and turns invisible. There and gone within seconds.

The mage and spriggan take off for the woods. They are retreating or planning their next attack? The PC’s decide to heat back to the hut for safety. The others won’t have anything to do with them. Casting them out as they curse the adventurers. They blame Davian Urthadar for not leaving the evil be. A few rounds later the hut is on fire.

Sam 1786
The mage re-appears and casts a spell in the centaurs direction. Wilhorn Tooxin begins to scream. Something is scaring the shit out of him. Seconds later he falls to the ground. The look of fear frozen on his face.

The mage and the PCs battle for several rounds before the spriggan reappears. The mage tries to flee but is cut down

Sam 1787
The spriggan reappears and nearly takes out Auron
Sam 1791
The dwarf stops the fighters bleeding just moments from death

After a few more tough rounds the battle is over. 2 of their own dead but is over.
The huts are empty, everyone has fled the area. “We must move as quiclky as we can,” says Davian. What’s left of the party loots the dead bodies, they bury the dead, and once begin their journey south.
“I will join you for now,” says the ranger. “At least until we reach the edge of the forest.”

And then…
High 64
Low 44
A beautiful clear daySuss forest
Boethian Volonwood picks up tracks he believes are footprints that resemble a humans and elves footprints. “This must be them,” he says. He stops to speak with a brownie. He has trouble making out most of their conversation but is sure the southern part of the suss is overrun by orcs. The small humanoid will do what it can to contact others for help.
The mage is still too weak to do anything about his current form. He is slowly recovering from his wounds.
“Your friend Mr Cronus needs to get better fast Mr elf” says Jang Milos. “If not we’re not gonna last long.”



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