Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

19th of Fireseek, 586 CY

Free City of Greyhawk
High: 41
Low: 27
An overcast day with a light fog covers the city.

At random times over the course of the next few days each of the PCs, together and alone, experience some very strange occurrences.

While hanging out in an inn or someplace similiar, a lose brick falls from the wall and nearly misses hitting Bornthien

While walking down the street a flowerpot falls from a ledge and does in fact hit Gustav squarely on the head.

A side of beef suddenly breaks from its rope and swings in the direction of Ashult its 200 lbs nearly crushing him

Similiar things seem to happen over and over again

What seems the most odd is the fact that most of these things are happening to Bornthien, and Gustav