Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

17th of Readying, 586 CY

High 44
Low 24
A cold but clear day. Spring is slowly but surely making its presence known everywhere. The sun is rising just a little earlier and setting just a little bit later

The party reaches the village of Hommlet

The PCs head to The Church of St Cuthbert on the northwest part of the village. The local priest of St Cuthbert, Calmert, takes in the remains of Thronyn and greets the party.
He explains to the PCs that recently several travellers through the Kron Hills stopped to get water in a cave and reported seeing strange 1/2 women, 1/2 water beasts along with a strange black-and-crimson-snake like monster with a human-like head, stringy hair, in the distance of the cave, before running away.

A few days ago 2 clerics of St Cuthbert were delivering several powerful magical items to Verbobonc City. They were last seen stopping at the same water hole in the Kron Hills. Calmert fears the worse has happened
The cleric wants the PCs to investigate the matter and will pay them
(2) Potions of Neutralize
(2) Cure Critical
(3) Cure light potions
(1) Keoghtoms Ointment

If PCs succeed:
(1) Heal scroll
(1) 15K gp
Will resurrect 1 PC if needed

The cleric gives the party a map of the Kron Hills where the cave is clearly indicated. It will take about 8-10 hours to reach.
The temple is located at the far end of a narrow gorge. The forge is thick with vegetation. There is a clearly defined track running up to a cleft in the rock face at the end of the gorge. This cleft in turn leads into a large cave.

The cave is partly submerged. The waters of this underground lake lap gently against a small shingle beach that extends partway down the southern wall of the cave. The cave of the walls are thick with moss and perculiar types of fungi. Several large rocks jut from the waters of the lake.

Just a few feet away from the water the PCs can easily see what was probably the struggle the cleric was concerned about. It appears as if something or someone was pulled into the water. Michelle stays behind and keeps watch.

The water is some 3 1/2 ft – 4 ft deep and makes it hard to maneuver and almost impossible to fight in. Baroque carries the barely 4’ Bornthien.

2 of the creatures attempt to drown the PCs and then quickly swim away.

The same 2 halfbreeds attack. This time they are caught in a fight with the PCs. One of them is killed and the other 1 escapes

Thanks to the poweful light source by Alvin, the party realizes the 4 feet depth quicky drops off into a 25 ft fall.

Some creative and quick thinking helps them chase after the monsters to an entrace 25 ft deep and 45 ft feet away into the murky drop off. With a little magical help the party sends the cleric of Pholtus, Steven, and Nivek.
A few minutes go by before the rest of the PCs join their already in battle comrads. Bornthien does not survive the trip and drowns

Baroque turns to gas as the rest of the party take more than 5 minutes to enter the main chamber. The room is filled with 7 yuan ti halfbreeds.
Steve is knocked unconcious and nearly drowns as Rick helps him and Bornthien to safety away from the melee.

The beast appears and the battle begins…
Three stones circulate around her head. A pearly white, pale lavender, and a vibrant purple one. 37112 naga4

37112 naga1
The boys, beaten and bloodied, keep the halfbreeds at bay as Rick attempts to help Bornthien and Steven to safety.
37112 naga2

Baroque waits for the mage to dispel magic on his gaseous form

Rick uses his dispel magic. The naga images are gone as Baroque falls to the ground with a thunderous thud.
Moments later Nivek nearly falls to the beasts. Gustav attempts to shield the 1/2 elf but seconds later takes a scimitar straight through the heart and is dead.

The cleric and Rick finish off the halfbreeds The naga gets off several deadly attacks as Baroque finally explodes with a kick to the nagas chest. The damage is too much for her. The battle is over. Baroque stands over her. Another worthy opponent.

The PCs discover a secret room.
Alvin of Pholtus leaves for help and will return within 1 full day.



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