Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

16th of Flocktime, 586 CY

The Free City of Greyhawk
Temple of St Cuthbert

After 2 weeks of resting in the Star of Celene Inn and training, Boethian Volonwood and Davian Urthadar return from Corustaith in the The Gnarley Forest

Everyone is at full strength. Jang is happy to be alive and hasn’t stopped drinking. He frequently takes off to the The Green Dragon Inn in the River Quarter part of the city. He enjoys the rowdy, free for- all atmosphere and fights. “And the drinks r cheap like der women,” he says.

Several pupils show up at the inn to get the PCs. “It is time,” one of them says"
When they return to the Temple of St. Cuithbert both Eritai Kaaa-Ipzirel of the order of the Billets of St. Cuthbert and Saranee of the Chapeaux are waiting for them
The priestess of St. Cuthbert explains the cleric of Chapeauxi s seeking the help of a powerful party to recover a great relic of faith, the original chapeaux worn by Herkluth, a priest who originally spread the word of St. Cuthbert to the Duchy of Urnst. It lies on an altar, in the ruins of a temple where Herkluth was buried.
The location of the temple is known, but some evil lurks within. 2 parties of priests and warriors sent to retrieve the relic have not returned, and the temple must have it soon.
Eritai Kaaa-Ipzirel is willing to promise that any character hurt or slain on the mission will be healed. “But at least one must make it back for the temple to do so,” she says.
The location of the temple is approximately 60 miles north west of the ruined city of Fax.
“If you agree to do this we will travel by barge to the city of Safeton and then make our way through the Welkwood Forest,” Saranee of the Chapeaux says. “You must know once we head south of Safeton we will be in the buffer zone where we will surely confront hoards of orcs”
Total time to get to the ruined temple more than more than 1 week but less than two. Everything will be paid for and the restoration and heal spells are free. Plus will this will get the PCs closer to the Pomarj.



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