Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

14th of Ready'reat 586 CY

City of Gryrax
Winter is coming. It’s cold.
Heavy rain all day and night
The city is on edge. Tensions are high, and everyone knows that it can blow at any second. The events of last night left the mansion stained with blood. Servants do what they can to clean up the mess. The charred remains of the lower right wing of the 1st floor makes for quite a sight to see. It was a violent scene. And not expected by the captain of the guard, Ivan Hardspear. Extra city guards have been called to help secure all of the mansions the ambassadors are staying at.
The Elves:
The ambassador of Celene, Lady Daena Syldan, has expressed her regret at even considering leaving the security of Celene to meet with…dwarves. She is known to sometimes refer to dwarves as “naugrim.” Meaning “stunted people” – not very flattering. Her feelings towards humans isn’t much better. She would rather be with only her own kind. She’s clearly not comfortable being oustide of her realm. She is accompanied by a ranger of the Welkwood forest, Vulwin Varis, and 4 other archers/fighters,
The Humans:
The ambassador of the City of Greyhawk is a fierce lady by the name of Lettice Droge. She has dark golden colored skin, Straight, dark, and very fine hair, Green eyes, Long limbs. Strong facial features with high cheekbones., She is of Baklunish descent. She commands five female fighters. None of them dare question her command. She enjoys going to the fighting rings. She’s even been known to participate in a fight or two.
The Dwarves:
The ambassador from Keoland is a dwarf by the name of Dain Highcliff. He doesn’t say much and is plain in his words. He knows that if Ulek should fall to the orcs, it won’t be long before Keoland is next. He and the other five dwarves are Billets of St Cuthbert. The Billets are the most numerous of those in the orders, serving as ministers and protectors of the faithful. They dress in simple brown and russet garments, and wear a holy symbol of an oaken billet (thick piece of wood).