Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

13th of Planting, 586 CY

High 59
Low 40

A partly cloudy day
The Woolly Bay has frozen Boethian Volonwood and Shavinski The Orc Slayer to the bone. They are wet, tired and hungry, but their 1st instinct is to continue to head north up The Wild Coast. They are only several miles up the coast from Elredd. How long will it be before humanoids, bandits, or some other kind of horror, finds them? They must make it to the Suss Forest more than 60 miles to the west. It will take them more than 2 days to reach the great forest. And they hope they are not spotted.

After a few more hours of travelling up the coast, they spot a human figure. He is alone. He to appears to be on the run. The elf and dwarf will have to take their chances and hope he will be someone they can trust.

The man introduces himself as Jack Cronus. His party wiped out by a huge clan of orcs several days ago. He to looks tired, hungry, desparate to find safety. He decides to join Boethian and Shavinkski as they all 3 head to the forest.

The mage knows that just a few more miles up the coast is the ruined village of Fallowfield where they can hopefully get some rest, help, and the needed provisions needed to survive. But, heading to the village will be dangerous since it has most likely been overrun by orcs and worse.



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