Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

18th of Patchwall, 586 CY

More than a week of silence does the party some good. They hide in their magical house. The Kuo-Toa go about their business. The mage reconstructs the golem.
The fighters and ranger take the time to train and gain levels.
During that time a bat can be seen flying around. It inspects the dead kuo-toa before they are taken away. it hangs from the ceiling facing the safe house the PC’s are inside of. It can’t see the house but somehow it senses it is there, somewhere.
The bat turns into a man, a druid looking man. He finds a door. He can feel it. It’s there. He knocks on it.
He knocks again… Suddenly the door flings open sending the druid to the floor. He’s surrounded by the PC’s.

He explains to the PC’s that he and his party were lost in the mountains and have been for weeks. He barely escaped with his own life as drow cut down the rest of his party.
The party decides to send out the new thief. He will attempt to investigate the Kua-Toa hold before the party decides to make a break for it.
He comes across prison cells that filled with everything from orcs to humans. He decides to speak with the human. He claims to be a paladin of St. Cuthbert. He is chained to the wall. The thief manages to free him and then leaves.
He can hear the fight behind him. The paladin does what he can to survive
The thief returns and shares that the time to exit is now. They move down the west side of the hold.
They come across Kuo-Toa soldiers. But, because magic allows them to be silent and invisible, they barely get by without being noticed.
They reach where they believe the leader is most probably at. Kuo-Toan soldiers prepare to fight.
They make inside. The fight continues
The thief finds a secret passage to the west
They come across a room with a pool. Pillars come out of it. There are 2 Kuo-Toan’s inside. They capture the thief and kill him.
The fighter, Auron, enters to help the fallen halfling. He takes on the Kuo-Toan’s. The moment he enters the room 8 tentacles come out of the room. They begin to attack the halfling. The fighters rush in. After several rounds, and many close moments, they kill off the Kuo-Toan’s and push back the tentacles.
The thief is resurrected. There is a set of stairs that lead down

7th of Brewfest, 586 CY
Shrine of The Kuo-Toa

As far as the party can tell it’s close to late evening. The exhaustion of traveling all day settles in as they finally catch up with the slavers…

The ranger tracks the villians for almost 3 days. Stopping just 30 yards from another underground river, they find what remains of the slavers and even the slaves themselves. Torn to shreds, blood everywhere. But there is no sign of the leaders…

The halfling sees what looks to be a dead monk. The very same one from before?
He amd Auron inspect the body. As the rogue approaches he tries to kick him, a desperate attempt. The monk is near death. Huge razor like tears through his robes and skin.
The ranger tracks the appearance of 3 large intruders. As if they appeared, slayed everyone, and just left.
The monk describes 3 beings, 2 blue and 1 green. The blue ones with powerful claws that cut through everything. The green one managing to take the others. the rogue barely getting away.

On the bank of the river, the party sees a large fish like creature. His boat is parked on the beach. A large crocodile type monster swims at the top of the river. Always staying close.
The fish creature seems to await instructions, he finally yells out to the adventurers. No one can interpret the common language of the deep, the beast begins to get frustrated. His huge muscle and girth flexing, he rushes in and attacks with no concern for his own body…
The party quickly realize the danger of the situation as Auron takes pounding after pounding. he stands tall but won’t be able to for much longer…
The cleric uses a spell that opens up earth underneath the being. A 20X10 opening he almost avoids it but instead falls in to. It will be a minute before he gets out. but not that long…

The mages again polymorph into dragons as they barely make it to the other side of the rive. The monster in the water leaping out, nearly pulling Nitram Semaj into the river.

Several hundred yards deeper the tunnel opens up…
The party is met by a chilling scene when first they step far enough northwest to view the dimly lit space ahead. Greenish phosphorescence from lichens, coupled with a grayish luminosity from sluglike creatures as large as a man’s fist which crawl everywhere (walls, ceilings, floors) give the area an undersea appearance, and a strange salt tang is in the air to enhance this impression. Directly to the north the adventurers will see a huge dark green creature, rather like a giant lobster-headed woman, with one pincer raised and the right extended ahead and open. The walls and pavement of this place are well-made, but very worn. Obviously, this area is old. It feels alien and foreboding.
Not to their surprise, as the party inches up a group of Kuo-Toan move in close enough to melee while others throw spears through wall slits
The adventurers move in for the kill as more Kuo-Toan show up. A portal opens up, 3 strange creatures, the ones described by the monk, appear
They are Slaad. The slaadi are great frog-like beings, who dwell on the outer plane of Limbo. Their form is that of a large bipedal frog. But why are they here?
They stay back and use their 1st round to bring in 3 more blue Slaad
The quick thinking of the ranger, Davian Urthadar, and the dwarf, Shavinski The Orc Slayer, hold off at least the green Slaad. Their arrows and bolts hitting hard every round. The blue creatures move up.
It’s a bloody fight as the party takes a pounding. The edge going to the creatures of the underworld and beyond.
Good will once again have it’s day as the party mounts a huge comeback. On the brink of death but not beaten down enough. The halfling breaks out his special ring. Lightning balls shoot out of the ring. The slaad are hit hard. Whatever the ring has, he uses it all…
The rogues talk the adventurers into investigating the statue. The cleric and paladin’s are against it, insisting no good can come from disturbing this shrine of some sort.
Sure enough, as the halfling thief begins to pillage the shrine the statue comes alive,
The rogues do what they can to keep the stone statue at bay as the others approach. The halfling continuing to take anything of value
The paladin, Lady Krisnda, runs up to the shrine, crossing the shallow water. Dozens of leeches attache to her and the fighter as she and Auron attempt to meet the statue head on
Like King King, the statue is swatting at the elf. It’s taking massive damage as missile weapons and steel cut away chunks of its stone body.
It hits Arisoth and kills him. The elf falls out of the air and smashes on the hard rock ground
It climbs down, closer to the intruders
The tank of the party, Auron Blackmore, is bloodied and beaten.
The halfling collects the body of the elf mage while the rest of the party takes a step back into the entrance. The party uses its last raise dead scroll on the mage/thief, ArisothDarkleaf. They rest for a bit, hoping for now they’ve earned a few moments of peace as they decide what to do next
The elf mage/thief never makes it to the safe house. Instead choosing to embark on his own. He takes the corridor that leads to the immediate left.
A group of Kuo-Toan surprise him. One of them lands a blow as the elf loses his footing the creature pulls him hard on to a dagger. An instant kill. His body is looted. The creatures flee

The halfling rogue and ranger finally go and check on Arisoth. They find his looted body. After tracking for more than a few minutes, they realize it’s best to head back.

Everyone attempts to rest in the magical house. But, all it’s gonna take is a dispel magic to ruin a good nights sleep…

5th of Brewfest, 586 CY

Deep within the depths of the Lortmil Mountains
Late evening/early morning hours
After several brutal encounters and hardly a moments rest, a familiar voice is heard. But where is he? it’s the voice of Arisoth Darkleaf. He’s been chasing the party for weeks. “The trail of death wasn’t too hard to follow,” he says. He explains a purple worm caused a huge earthquake a mile or two back. Drow were chasing him. More than likely all crushed by the massive cave in.
Some of the party members recall the earth shaking but didn’t think too much of it. It doesn’t seem to be an unusual occurrence when you’re miles under the earth.

Several hours later a halfling can be seen walking towards the party. He is walking towards the paladins and cleric. Begging for mercy as he tells his story about just 2 days ago escaping from servitude.
He shares his story about escaping from slavers just 2 days south of here. Beckoning for the party to help free the weak, especially his little friend.

4th of Brewfest, 586 CY

4th of Patchwall, 586 CY

The air is damp and humid. It’s thick making your constitution work even harder to keep from getting exhausted.


The cliff (more than 100’ down) looks down to the glistening floor of this huge cavern, the ceiling of which drips with stalactites, the floor with stalagmites, and here and there littered with broken stone fragments and fallen stalactites. Thick columns and great masses of rock stretch all the way to the roof, with many protruding ledges and indented shelves here and there.
Shavinski guesses, “200, maybe 300’ wide? 300’ high? Hmm…and who knows how long this hell goes on for…”
While party is resting a full 8 hours:
Every rest now for the last several rests, whether day or night, Guardian Lord Pubert and Lady Krisnda have the nearly exact same dreams. Eventually being woken up, sweating, breathing heavy, it feels real. “Heironeous is speaking to me,” says Lady Krisnda. “I can feel the abyss. It is closer than we think…”
The both speak of fighting a darkness that cannot be seen. In their dreams blind while everyone being slaughtered all around them. She looks over to Lord Pubert, puts her right hand on his shoulder, “we must find a way to see…”
The cleric begins to report that communicating with his god, St. Cuthbert, is becoming harder. It’s taking him longer and longer to pray for spells


The mages polymorph into dragons and begin flying the party down to the surface.
Several piercers attempt to drop on to some of the adventurers. They resemble stalagmites are nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Unless they do damage, they quickly become vulnerable and slow. They are quickly destroyed.
The drow attack. Moving in while a cleric from high above casts spells.
She quickly takes out the mage, Nitram Semaj with a light spell cast directly on his robe of eyes. He’s completely blind
It’s a tough fight that costs the party their thief, Furfaate. The drow cleric lifts him up high and then just drops him. He is smashed to a bloody pulp. His instincts were right all along. He knew running around with these adventurers would get him killed.
This encounter proves to be one of the tougher encounters. The drow hitting over and over again with their poisoned bullets.
Several of the heroes are knocked out, the mage, Victor Taneth, is killed.
It takes nearly a turn to kill most of the drow. A 1/2 dozen or so and the cleric retreat into the darkness.
The cleric, Richard God Hammer, resurrects the mage.

“We cannot rest here, says ”/characters/shavinski-the-orc-slayer" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shavinski The Orc Slayer.
They decide to continue forward with the dwarf leading the way several hundreds yards ahead of them.
A few turns later he comes across pillars with drow awaiting on them. Their fairy fire lights him up as bullets go flying by him. Luckily, he is not hit. When the party catches up the drow are gone.

Several more turns and more pillars. This time with stone gargoyles perched on them.
Shavinski goes back to get the others
The moment the party is in sight the gargoyles animate and attack. The fight only lasts for several rounds as the adventurers quickly take them out.
The problem now is that the mages and cleric are running out of spells. But they cannot rest. There is no way they will have peace for at least a full 8 hours or more.
Almost an hour later and this time the cleric and paladins begins to detect there is a strong presence of evil nearby. The smell of rotting meat. “More fucking undead,” says Auron Blackmore.
Sure enough small entrances to the right open up to wights and ghouls, dozens of them. The cleric cannot contain all of them.
One of the mages puts up a wall of fire on top of most of the undead.
A ghost makes its way out. its wailing can be heard echoing throughout the cavern.
Everyone but the female paladin flees in horror. Here aura of good protects her from harm. The ghost heads back into his lair

The party will not investigate the lair of the ghost. They decide to continue moving forward.
Another 20 minutes leads them to another set of pillars.
A female in robes appears. She try’s to catch the party by surprise with a fireball.
The quick thinking of the ranger, Davian Urthadar, saves the day. He hits with an arrow, her spell is lost. The fighters run up
2 clerics appear. It’s Vizarian the Hierach? They are flying while moving forward
They are able to successfully cast hold spells on several of the PCs, Auron is turned to stone, the cleric of St Cuthbert is stunned for several rounds. Before doing so the fighters take out the female mage.
One of the evil clerics is then taken out by another deadly round of arrows from Davian and a helping of bolts from Shavinksi
A illithid appears. He casts a stun cone on several of the adventurers but fails. It quickly decides to fight another day. It casts a portal, steps through, and is gone
The evil cleric moves up and casts hold on the dwarf. He succeeds.
All that’s left are Davian and the female paladin, Lady Krisnda
The cleric comes and attempts to reverse the spell on Auron. He fails. He decides for now to help take out the cleric. They barely manage to capture the cleric. Lady Krisnda stands tall over the cleric. “We have you now,” she says. He is stripped and tied up. He curses the party and lets them know they will never escape the catacombs. “Iuz will see to your deaths,” he says

3rd of Brewfest, 586 CY

The sounds of a river becomes more obvious as the party marches on. The tunnel widens to a 40’ wide and 20 tall comfortable march. It then ends. To the right is a 5’ wide set of stairs that head up 40’ and then cross the underground river. The party cannot tell how wide the river is of how far the walkway goes.
The paladin, cleric, and thief will fly across the river.
After more than 15 minutes they can begin to see an entrance similar to the one they left behind. As they move closer suddenly a group of drow come out of the dark, out of an opening some 20’ about the entrance, and shoot poison bolts. 1 hits the cleric and succeeds. Two hit the paladin, nearly dropping him and the others into the river. They retreat and re-plan


They will fly back and attempt to put up a stone wall to cover both entrances. Knowing that if 1 dart hits the one doing the flying, just 1…sure doom for all 3. Falling into the running current of the underground river.
The cleric succeeds in evading the poisoned bolts. The stone wall is up and even has a built in lip just big enough for the entire party.

The cleric prepares to turn the stone back into earth. There is the hallway. Dark, silent…
One of the drow fucks up. You can just her foot hanging out of shadows. The mage, with his robe of eyes, immediately sees the trap.
Because the surprise is blow, the drow quickly get taken apart. The drow fighters caught in the mages’ tenctancles spell.

After about 100 yards the entrance opens up into a huge cavern. The eye seeing as far as it can see and then darkness.

Arisoth Darkleaf is making his way to the party. The elf mage/thief took a few months off. Rethinking his allegiance to the adventurers.

following the near path his friends took, he is able to barely get by a patrol of drow. His flying broom barely whizzing over their cleric

2nd of Brewfest, 586 CY
Welcome Rifkin Stoutgut

Deep within the catacombs of the Lortmils Mountains

It’s been a long couple of months for the halfling. He escape servitude in The Pomarj only to be caught by slavers. A band of slavers headed by a powerful fighter, entered the catacombs of the Lortmil Mountains several weeks ago. With the help of a couple other captured slaves, they decide to make a break for it. One of them has been working on a makeshift pick for the lock. They will wait for the right time…
The slaver scouts warn of an eminent clash with a band of drow just a mile or so away. They also report that 2 days ago leading out of the caverns from where they are a group was able to overthrow one of their leaders. “This can’t be,” says the fighter. “We will have to continue forward and alert the others”
The group stops and prepares for the drow.. The leader, a high level fighter, is accompanied by a high level thief, 3 clerics, and a high level monk of the Scarlet Brotherhood. They are travelling with almost 2 dozen slaves and 2 wagons of valuables being pulled by large lizards.
Thew cleric puts up a wall of fire to at least temporarily keep the drow out. The soldiers and others get into their positions. The thief disappears.
They leave several guards and the monk to watch over the slaves.. Especially the halfling and his new allies.
Several rounds later a drow cleric dispels the wall of fire. The drow unleash a flurry of poisoned darts. They hit the leader of the group. He hits the ground hard in a deep coma. It’s chaos as the group can’t believe what they just saw.

“It is now or never,” says one the escapees. He attempts to pick the lock and fails. The halfling, Rifkin Stoutgut, decides to just break the lock. A small chance of doing so, but if so he will flee into the cart in front of him. Unbelievably, he does it! (Yeah, some of argued, “but wouldn’t he have had to break more than one chain?” Of course. But with a 4% of him doing so, and succeeding, I’m not taking that away from him!).
The halfling immediately attempts to flee into the covered cart. The slave that tried to pick the lock and failed jumps at the solider going after him. The monk walks over and punches him in the head. He’s dead but has now given the halfling enough time to hide in shadows.
He sees his things all about. it will take him several minutes, at least, to retrieve the important stuff.. One of the soldiers enters the cart. The halfling hides and stays silent. It works. This gives the halfling enough time to find his backpack with his pinches of dust of disappearance.
The cleric has seen enough and enters the cart. “Where are you halfling. Maybe I will cut one of your arms off to keep from you being such a handful.”
The halfling barely avoids him as the cleric swings away with his mace. Barely hearing him at times but not being able to see him.
He grabs what he cans, the essentials. By this time the cart is completely covered. A small exit on the cart floor leads out. He makes his move and away he goes.
At this point most of the drow are dead. The few that survive, including the cleric, flee. Many of the soldiers also perish. About 1/2
Twice he tries to save the slave boy. A thief that learned the ways on the streets of Safeton. But he fails and decides to be grateful for his own life. “Good luck kid. Maybe I will find some help…”

The beginning of Brewfest
Also called Drunken Days or the Feast of Brewers, Brewfest, the fourth festival week of Oerth’s calendar, is a rowdy period unsurprisingly claimed as a holy time by the churches of Olidammara and Wenta. The Free City of Greyhawk does not celebrate the entire week, but Brewfest 1 and Brewfest 7 are both set aside as public holidays. In Elmshire, the week is spent in restful, carefree music, drinking, and dancing. In Hardby it is spent with fistfights, riots, and ensuing hangovers. In Narwell it is celebrated with ale-brewing contests, horse races, beatings, and robbery. In Safeton it is celebrated with nervous violence and nightly orc hunts. The week is also sacred to the Old Faith.
The elves call this week Fallrite, and use it to contemplate the spirits of their ancestors, the passage to the afterworld, and the fragility of life. They believe other races make merry during Brewfest because they are “hiding” to avoid facing death’s reality. In contrast, the olvenfolk strive to fulfill the most important of their duties and reach the most crucial of their decisions during this time of year. The elven kings and queens traditionally judge capital cases during Fallrite

28th of Harvester, 586 CY

The dwarf scouts up ahead. More aware than ever that a trap is ahead. He hears the cries of what sounds like men, women, children, dwarves and others, crying out for help. More slaves…

He sneaks up and sees 4 trolls and a few dozen troglodytes leading a huge slave caravan being pulled by huge pack lizards.
The party prepares for the attack. Shavinski heads in, invisible and flying, 1st. He hovers over the ogre mage
The Paladin God easily moves right in and kills off the ogre mage and trolls.
The rest of the party quickly finishes off the trogs. That’s it. No real challenge from the “bad guys.” What an unbalanced and boring encounter…yawn….

After the melee the party argues with the paladin for a bit about what to do with the slaves. Let them go and they die. At the same time they can’t travel with the party. They decide to arm them as best as the can and let them try to find the way back to the surface. The paladin is reluctant but has no choice…

Arisoth Darkleaf spends the next month tracking the party into the catacombs of the Lortmils Mountains.
He finds much evidence that the party is still alive. They’ve left their mark on the evil that lurks deep within the mountain.

The elf comes across his 1st threat. Luckily he is flying on his broom as the drow come out of shadow to attack. He steers his way through the fury of drow poisoned bolts and quickly flies past the drow cleric

27th of Harvester, 586 CY

A day later the same thing. This time the lady decides to give up her cover. It’s an ogre mage setting a trap. He flees.

26th of Harvester, 586 CY

The party heads east. Backtracking to the original tunnel that they have been traveling south on for more than a month.
Shavinski is turned invisible and given the ring of flying. He will scout out the route 2 hours ahead of the party. He comes across a crying woman. She is crying out for help. Lying on the ground but does not look that injured. The dwarf is suspicious. He decides to get the party. When they return the lady is gone.

25th of Harvester, 586 CY

Shavinski The Orc Slayer
Auron Blackmore
Davian Urthadar
Lady Krisnda
Nitram Semaj
Richard God Hammer
Victor Taneth

Furfaate decides he’s had enough. After losing 2 levels to the undead, he is no longer willing to sacrifice anymore. “You can’t pay me enough for this bullshit,” he says. He leaves and will make his way back to the surface.

The mages and cleric try to rest. The vampire appears during the middle of the night. It attempts to charm the adventurers but fails. Once again taunting and threatening.
It is time to reenter the tomb. Traps are found and easily undone.
Shavinski leads the way. The cleric of St. Cuthbert prepares.
The kid, Fershaw, insists in joining the party. Arguing with the mage Nitram Semaj. “I will show you,” says the kid….
Protection from evil spells will help keep the party safe. They will split up into small groups. Hoping to spread out the undead. “Remember to avert your eyes,” Auron reminds everyone
The vampire and its minions appear. The battle is on. A fireball leaves it hands. Deadly but everyone survives.
The cleric sets the vampires coffin on fire. It enrages him. His minions quickly move in for the kill
The protection from evil spells do their jobs. They allow the party to hack away at the vampires. Even the main vampire takes a flurry of damage and is severely handicapped
A ghost sends the paladin and ranger running. But once again the protection from evil spells save the adventurers from any further damage.
The kid, Fershaw, shows off his skills as he dodges attack after attack. He even lands several blows.
Shavinski and the mage, Nitram Semaj, take some serious damage.
The party is able to finish off the vampires. A quick search shows how all of the coffins have false bottoms with stairs that lead down
The wights show up to protect their master
Once again the kid proves his worth.
A wight gets a hit on the kid right before the encounter ends and the final wight is taken out. Destiny takes over. Literally the final round. But it’s not meant to be for Fershaw

Several of the adventurers have lost levels. The kid is dead. The thief for hire, Furfaate, is gone. Jang Milos is still missing.

It’s a somber night as the party nurses its wounds and remembers the dead.


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