Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

21st of Ready'reat 586 CY

City of Gryrax
High: 50°F (10°C)
Low: 29°F (-1.6°C)
Freezing rain continues to drench the city.
The next day is obviously a somber one. The city is preparing for war. Anyone that can fight is being called to arms.

The Billets of Cuthbert are heading back to Keoland.

The elves of Celene have been arguing with Vulwin Varis, the elf ranger, about going against Queen Yolande’s word. “She will not be happy with your decision to stay and help fight Corrond’s war. Your place is in Celene,” says one of the elves. "War is at our door. I have to do my part to stop it, "replies Vulwin.

The City of Greyhawk guards will wait another day to rest. They know the way back to Greyhawk will be long and dangerous.

Corrond has locked himself away. He is nearly inconsolable. He’s drinking more than he ever has. His personal mage and closest ally, Bimble Daeberos, has returned. He will soon speak to the party about what comes next.

Quirion has decided that he will not be heading to the Pomarj. “This is not what I bargained for. I will find another way back to the Forgotten Realms. Good luck my friends. And may the God’s be with you all.” He leaves the city and heads out on his own.

20th of Ready'reat 586 CY

City of Gryrax: Prince Corrond’s Mansion
High: 52°F (11°C)
Low: Low: 32°F (0°C)
Near freezing rains all week long

The last week has been mostly uneventful. Due to the events 1 week ago, city guards have the city on lockdown. And with the threat of the orcs closing in on Havenhill, the captain of the guard, Ivan Hardspear , is doing everything he can to keep Grygax from imploding.

The big day is finally here.
3 of 4 of Father Legate’s guards have been resurrected.
The ambassadors are being escorted to the mansion by dozens of guards. The city streets are blocked off. This time Prince Corrond is taking no chances and has insisted citizens be kept as far away as possible. But once again angry mobs are everywhere. Luckily, the city guards are ready and all of the ambassadors arrive without any major incidents.
The main entrance is a thing of pure beauty. Marble floors with marble pillars. A ceiling fresco of The Hateful Wars CY 498 – 510. Huge paintings on the walls of some of the greatest dwarves that have fought and died for The Principality of Ulek.
Guards line the perimeter of the room. Several stand guard at the entrance of the mansion.
Suddenly, Prince Corrond’s personal mage enters the room:
“His Serene Highness, Lord of the Peaks of Haven, Prince Olinstaad Corond”
Though golden double doors to the north of the room, the Prince enters the room. Two of his personal guards, both paladins of Heironeus, stand guard. They are dressed in full plate mail. Both ready with two-handed swords. Everyone but the ambassadors of The Scarlet Brotherhood and Celene bow. The Prince looks exhausted and stressed. He takes a moment before speaking, “welcome ambassadors of The Great City of Greyhawk, of The Kingdom of Keoland, of the elven kingdom of Celene….” he pauses…..“and of The Scarlet Brotherhood.” There’s nervous under their breath muttering in the room. But no one dares say a word out loud. The paladins clearly seem uncomfortable at even the mention of The Brotherhood being in their presence.
The Prince continues, “we have waited long enough. Let us get right down to business. Beyond the double doors is a meeting room. For everyone’s safety, only one of the ambassador’s chosen guards will be allowed in the chambers”


In the conference room Malkam (Sam) witnesses the bickering between Lady Daena Syldan of Celene and Prince Corrond. In a voice of pure disdain she says, “the fact that THEY are being allowed here (she points to Father Legate of The Brotherhood), this only shows how you are slipping” “We are on the brink of war. As we speak an army of orcs has crossed the Jewel River and are advancing on Havenhill. Our armies were able to slow them down. But I fear not for much longer.”Dain Highcliff, dwarf ambassador of Keoland, and priest of The Billets of Cuthbert, remarks, “we should listen to what Prince Corrond has to say. If the orcs take Havenhill, Celene will be next. Gryrax will follow, and soon Keoland.”
The ambassador to Greyhawk, Lady Lettice Droge, stays silent. For the most part the City of Greyhawk has remained mostly neutral throughout the Greyhawk Wars.

In the Name of The Earth Dragon: Let Their Blood Spill
Just moments later four figures completely covered in black robes appear behind the ambassadors and Prince Corrond. At the very same time Father Legate takes out a dagger. The four figures attempt to plunge their own daggers into the backs of the ambassadors and Corrond. Legate attempts an attack on Malkam. A perfect hit by 3 of the 4 assassins immediately kills all three ambassadors. Their bodies slump over. Their blood spilling on the floor. Prince Corrond and Malkam survive the attack. Chaos takes over the room. Legates’ guard immediately takes out his sword. He and the assassins attempt to get closer to Corrond. But they are met with a fury of swords from the elves of Celene, Billets of Keoland, guards of Greyhawk, and Corrond’s personal guards.
At the same time Legates’ other two guards in the main entrance of the building begin their attack. They know it’s a suicide mission. But their goal is to hopefully give enough time for the assassin’s and Legate to kill Corrond. And as you will soon find out, to allow more assassins to kidnap his wife and children.

During the melee one of Legate’s guards gets away.
Corrond’s personal mage uses a spell of disintegration to turn the other to dust.
The mage teleports into the meeting room. He reappears behind Corrond and teleports him to safety.
Father Legate turns invisible and manages to escape.
All four of the assassins are killed.
There are screams coming from the 2nd floor.
Everyone rushes upstairs to the main chambers of The Prince. Another one of his mages is on the floor. Surrounded by a pool of his own blood.
All of his guards that were protecting his family are dead.
The doors leading out to the main balcony are open. His wife and pups are gone.
Two assassins are captured. Corrond cannot control his anger. He begins to beat one of the assassins. Hitting him over and over again in the face. Demanding to know what happened to his family. “The Earth Dragon will bring Ulek to its knees,” says the assassin. Knowing that he will not get an answer out of him, Corrond violenty punches him until he crushes his face and kills him. The Prince’s right hand is bloody. It looks like he might have broken it.
In an act of desperation, and quick thinking by the halflng, Pip is able to charm the last assassin. And he is able to hold off Corrond from giving him the same fate as the other. The assassin tells Pip that Legate and the others are heading to Kalen Lekos, a settlement on Mount Drachenkopf, in The Pomarj. He doesn’t know much else. And it’s hard to tell if the information he’s giving Pip is accurate. It wouldn’t be uncommon for The Brotherhood to deceive their own. Giving them false information in case they are captured.
One of the carpets on the floor is a flying carpet. Corrond’s mage uses it and tries to give chase.
Corrond wants revenge. He wants his family returned to him. He promises a kingdom to Malkam if he accomplish this. He offers nearly unlimited wealth to anyone that can bring back his family. And says anything they need is at his disposal.
The elf ranger from Celene, Bob, and Quirion, give chase.
The rest of the party meets up with them. They are able to track Legate for a little while. But the rain is quickly washing away their tracks. They lose them.

15th of Ready'reat 586 CY

High: 50°F (10°C)
Low: Low: 31°F (0.5°C)
Heavy rains continue to pound the city
City of Gryrax
New from the dwarven-fashioned city of Havenhill, more than a day’s march north of Gryrax.
Scouts have reported that Nevrash the Stalker, chieftain of Clan Gutshank, one of Turrosh Mak’s most vocal supporters, and an army of orcs, are preparing to cross the Lortmil Mountains into Ulek lands. They are over 2000 strong and are only two days away from reaching Havenhill. Many are fleeing the city and heading south to Gryrax.
Just days ago a group of goblins successfully attacked a caravan of humans near The Jewel River. They were heading to Thunderstrike, a town in the Principality of Ulek. It is believed that the humans were either killed or taken as slaves. It’s well known that the strongest of them will end up being auctioned off in the orc city of Highport. The weakest of them will likely be thrown into the fighting pits to provide entertainment for the humanoids. One of the names that always come up when talking about the fighting pits of the south is a halfling by the name of Blucholtz. He’s known to enjoy the deadly fighting pits of The Black Gauntlet Taproom in the orc district at the western end of the city.

14th of Ready'reat 586 CY

City of Gryrax
Winter is coming. It’s cold.
Heavy rain all day and night
The city is on edge. Tensions are high, and everyone knows that it can blow at any second. The events of last night left the mansion stained with blood. Servants do what they can to clean up the mess. The charred remains of the lower right wing of the 1st floor makes for quite a sight to see. It was a violent scene. And not expected by the captain of the guard, Ivan Hardspear. Extra city guards have been called to help secure all of the mansions the ambassadors are staying at.
The Elves:
The ambassador of Celene, Lady Daena Syldan, has expressed her regret at even considering leaving the security of Celene to meet with…dwarves. She is known to sometimes refer to dwarves as “naugrim.” Meaning “stunted people” – not very flattering. Her feelings towards humans isn’t much better. She would rather be with only her own kind. She’s clearly not comfortable being oustide of her realm. She is accompanied by a ranger of the Welkwood forest, Vulwin Varis, and 4 other archers/fighters,
The Humans:
The ambassador of the City of Greyhawk is a fierce lady by the name of Lettice Droge. She has dark golden colored skin, Straight, dark, and very fine hair, Green eyes, Long limbs. Strong facial features with high cheekbones., She is of Baklunish descent. She commands five female fighters. None of them dare question her command. She enjoys going to the fighting rings. She’s even been known to participate in a fight or two.
The Dwarves:
The ambassador from Keoland is a dwarf by the name of Dain Highcliff. He doesn’t say much and is plain in his words. He knows that if Ulek should fall to the orcs, it won’t be long before Keoland is next. He and the other five dwarves are Billets of St Cuthbert. The Billets are the most numerous of those in the orders, serving as ministers and protectors of the faithful. They dress in simple brown and russet garments, and wear a holy symbol of an oaken billet (thick piece of wood).

13th of Ready'reat 586 CY

City of Gryrax: The docks
High: 58°F (14°C)
Low: Low: 38°F (3°C)
The skies are cloudy. The clouds are starting to swell. It looks like it’s about to pour

It’s early in the morning. The adventurers show up at the docks and are prepared to meet with The Father Legate. His barge arrives right on time.
The Father Legate of The Scarlett Brotherhood is 5’11’ (180 cm) tall, weighs 130 lbs (59 kilo), and appears to be about 45 years old. His face is deathly pale, he sports a meticulously groomed mustache and goatee, and always wears a bright red skullcap. He dresses in voluminous scarlet robes trimmed with gold thread. He seldom speaks unless it is absolutely essential and regards everyone around him as distinctly inferior.
There are four others with him. They are devoted to The Brotherhood and to Father Legate
All four are wearing plate mail. They carry long swords and halberds. They wear bright scarlet cowled robes over their armor, and when in public wear full face helmets sculpted with the visage of a hideous demon.

As they disembark from the ship there’s already a crowd of people building. They’re angry that these scum are being allowed into their city. Someone throws a rotten tomato and hits The Father Legate. Soldiers of Gryrax quickly arrest some of the protesters.
Quirion just can’t help but butt heads with The Father Legate. The Father Legate is not happy about having to speak to the elf, He warns another member of the the party that the elf needs to watch his step.

The adventurers escort the ambassador to his mansion. The entire way there, citizens are yelling obscenities. But city guards clear the way and keep them at a distance.
The rest of the afternoon is peaceful. The Father Legate and his devotees make themselves at home. There’s a banquet hall ready with wine and food. There are several servants ready to serve and look after the guests.

Later that evening
A large and angry crowd try to overtake the building.
They make it to the back where one of them throws a flask of lit oil. It starts a huge fire.
Several of them break windows and try to enter the building.
More lit flasks of oil are thrown at the building. The fire is growing and growing
The party members decide to try and stop them from entering
Two of Father Legates’ security come downstairs to deal with the protesters.
Two stay behind to protect him.
Bob goes upstairs to protect the 2nd level of the mansion
Helda casts Wyvern Watch on the stairwell to prevent several protesters from reaching the 2nd level.
The devotees kill a couple of the protesters. Which angers Quirion and the rest of the party.
Quirion slams the doors shut of the room where the fire is burning. The devotees are burning alive. But manage to force the door open. A battle between the party and two devotees begins. They knock Quirion unconscious. .
Malkam and Raisa join the fight. Malkam goes into his killing rage. He takes severe fire damage as he takes on one of the devotees. Helda does her part with cure spells and potions. Pip goes around back and helps the locals put out the fire. Soldiers of Gryrax show up and finally have the crowd of protesters under control.
Several protesters try to go upstairs. But are stopped by Helda’s spell. A few make it through. Bob holds them off. But refuses to harm them. Another one of the devotee’s tries to make it downstairs. But is caught in the spell. Bob seizes the opportunity to kill him.
One of the two devotees downstairs is killed. But not before Qurion, Raisa, and Malkam, are knocked unconscious. Malkam is nearly killed.
It is now up to Helda. Back and forth blows. Both are bloodied. Helda is hanging on. She prays to her God and hopes her weapon lands a firm hit. IT DOES! The 2nd devotee falls.

Finally, everything is under control. The captain begins to question party members. They insist they had nothing to do with killing the devotees. But Father Legate is not convinced. He knows that a bunch of serf’s could never have taken out his protectors. He knows the party members killed them. He now refuses to have anything to do with the party and insists on an audience with Prince Corrond. But he will have to wait. It will be another week before the ambassadors meet.

12th (Waterday) of Ready'reat (Autumn) 586 CY

City of Gryrax: The River Quarter
High: 58°F (14°C) Low: 40°F (4°C)
Any day now heavy rains are sure to drench the city.

This is where you find refugees that were forced to escape the Wild Coast when the orcs destroyed many of their cities and villages. Many have taken away low paying jobs on the docks from those that once held them. But these days, post Greyhawk Wars, many merchants are barely hanging on. Doing what they have to to stay in business.

The Froth and Pallet is an inn that is very popular in this area. It’s owner, Rusad Bheshid, is a retired fighter that loves to brag about his adventurers. Specifically about killing a young green dragon. In case there’re any trouble, he keeps a bastard sword right above the bar.
Tonight is a very special night. The Prince, heavily guarded, is part of the audience. Trey Anisette and Pip, both bards from Safeton, will be performing. They own the Trey & Pip’s Music Shop near The Market District in the center of the city. They came to Gryrax to retire from a life of touring and performing. But when The Prince asks you to perform, well, you fucking do it!

During the course of the evening, the newest of adventurer’s begin to show up at the The Froth and Pallet. 1st there is Helda from the city of Gryrax. A dwarf priestess of ____. Helda.jpg

And then there is Bob. His obvious strength and build tell you he is not one to be messed with. Bob.jpg

He bullies a beggar outside that goes by the name of Glen Glen.jpg
This almost gets him arrested. The halfling, Pip, Pip.jpg he begins to sing a song that distracts the guards. They can’t help but to forget everything and anything else that is happening at that moment.

Quirion Eveningstar, an elf, Quirion_Eveningstar.jpg arrived a bit ago. He has decided to take pity on Glen and hires him as his personal caretaker. IMG_0627_1_.JPG
Malkam Broadbottom, a priest of _______, is invited by Prince Corrond to sit at his table. Malkam_Broadbottom.jpg
Raísa, an Oeridian human fighter from the kingdom of Keoland, like many has had a hard time keeping a steady job. She usually travels with merchants to protect their goods. She shows up at the inn hoping to find work. Raisa.png
After the show Raisa and Bob begin speaking with the halfling.
Those sitting at the Princes’ table realize that the gentleman, a mage of sorts, sitting next to The Prince, something seems off about him. Almost like he’s a 1 dimensional image.
IMG_0626_1_.JPG. The elf, Quirion Eveningstar, he begins speaking with Prince Corrond. And then suddenly, along with the mage, disappears. During that time the others notice The Prince is still there. But he’s not moving. Like he’s been paused. A few minutes later the three of them reappear.

Prince Corrond offers each of the adventurers 100 gp to protect a very controversial ambassador that will be docking tomorrow morning. Father Legate, of the Scarlett Brotherhood, and two other ambassadors from Greyhawk and Celene, are arriving in the city to speak with the prince about how to help support Gryrax from the continuing attacks from Turrosh Mak and the orcs of the Pomarj. He is no dummy. He knows the Scarlett Brotherhood is likely behind many of the assassinations in his own principality of Ulek. And he knows citizens will be very unhappy. But he has no choice but to follow through. The adventurers have been hired to protect Father Legate and escort him to his private mansion.

The new group of adventurers are invited to stay at Pip’s place. There is plenty of room at Trey & Pip’s Music Shop. Not long after leaving The Froth and Pallet, a lady is seen begging on the street.
Not too far away is a mother and her two children.
Moments later she grabs a child away from its mother and immediately heads into the sewers.
While some of the new party members are hesitant to help, Raisa does not. They all ultimately decide to give chase.
A few twist and turns, the lady and kidnapped child disappear. But they do see several rats swimming in the sewers. The rats enter a room to the left. In the room they see the beggar and what looks like a now dead child laying at her feet.
The party rushes in. The beggar turns back to her true form; a were rat!
Suddenly, the entire party is surrounded by 6 other wererats. It’s a trap!
The cleric, Malkam, takes several hits. But manages to not fall
Most of the wererats fall. The one’s that get away turn back into rats and can be seen exiting the room through a secret passage.
A low growling can be heard coming from the sewers. Moments later 2 crocodiles, they look hungry, are going to enter the room and hopefully feed on 1 or 2 of the adventurers.
The adventurers quickly come to their wits and decide they should exit through the secret passage. It leads to a stairwell. It opens up into an unlocked door to a warehouse on the docks.
The rest of the evening is uneventful. The party finally makes it to Pip’s place. They relax, drink, eat, and get to know each other. Not everyone is happy about this job. Protecting such a vile creature goes against some of their standards of decency. But once again Raísa prevails with her sense of logic and diplomacy. She reminds everyone that they are doing this for Prince Corrond. And if he believes this will be good for Gryrax, then so should they.
Tomorrow morning will be a one busy one indeed. Father Legate will arrive by ship in the early morning.

11th (Godsday) of Ready'reat (Autumn) 586 CY


Principality of Ulek: Gryrax
High: 67°F (19°C) Low: 40°F (4°C)
A clear and crisp day. The beginning of winter is just weeks away.

It’s been over 1 year since His Serene Highness, Lord of the Peaks of Haven, Prince Olinstaad Corond, sent Gustav, and a small group of some of his best fighters, to the orc city of Highport in The Pomarj. That was the last time anyone has seen or heard of Gustav. He was a loyal follower of The Prince. His grandfather, Gradak Arroway, fought along side Uleks Dwarven infantry during The Hateful Wars of 498 CY. Within the last year, Prince Corond has lost thousands of his own men trying to stop the orcs coming from the south. A few of his his most influential and decorated allies in his closest circle were also found dead. Poison was used to kill them. The Prince speculates, and rightfully so, that the Scarlet Brotherhood had something to do with it.

The Prince is now looking for another brave group of adventurers to join the fight. It’s time to finally finish off the orcs and their 1/2 orc leader, Turrosh Mak. He would also like to see Gustav either found, or his remains brought back to Gryrax.

18th of Patchwall, 586 CY

More than a week of silence does the party some good. They hide in their magical house. The Kuo-Toa go about their business. The mage reconstructs the golem.
The fighters and ranger take the time to train and gain levels.
During that time a bat can be seen flying around. It inspects the dead kuo-toa before they are taken away. it hangs from the ceiling facing the safe house the PC’s are inside of. It can’t see the house but somehow it senses it is there, somewhere.
The bat turns into a man, a druid looking man. He finds a door. He can feel it. It’s there. He knocks on it.
He knocks again… Suddenly the door flings open sending the druid to the floor. He’s surrounded by the PC’s.

He explains to the PC’s that he and his party were lost in the mountains and have been for weeks. He barely escaped with his own life as drow cut down the rest of his party.
The party decides to send out the new thief. He will attempt to investigate the Kua-Toa hold before the party decides to make a break for it.
He comes across prison cells that filled with everything from orcs to humans. He decides to speak with the human. He claims to be a paladin of St. Cuthbert. He is chained to the wall. The thief manages to free him and then leaves.
He can hear the fight behind him. The paladin does what he can to survive
The thief returns and shares that the time to exit is now. They move down the west side of the hold.
They come across Kuo-Toa soldiers. But, because magic allows them to be silent and invisible, they barely get by without being noticed.
They reach where they believe the leader is most probably at. Kuo-Toan soldiers prepare to fight.
They make inside. The fight continues
The thief finds a secret passage to the west
They come across a room with a pool. Pillars come out of it. There are 2 Kuo-Toan’s inside. They capture the thief and kill him.
The fighter, Auron, enters to help the fallen halfling. He takes on the Kuo-Toan’s. The moment he enters the room 8 tentacles come out of the room. They begin to attack the halfling. The fighters rush in. After several rounds, and many close moments, they kill off the Kuo-Toan’s and push back the tentacles.
The thief is resurrected. There is a set of stairs that lead down

7th of Brewfest, 586 CY
Shrine of The Kuo-Toa

As far as the party can tell it’s close to late evening. The exhaustion of traveling all day settles in as they finally catch up with the slavers…

The ranger tracks the villians for almost 3 days. Stopping just 30 yards from another underground river, they find what remains of the slavers and even the slaves themselves. Torn to shreds, blood everywhere. But there is no sign of the leaders…

The halfling sees what looks to be a dead monk. The very same one from before?
He amd Auron inspect the body. As the rogue approaches he tries to kick him, a desperate attempt. The monk is near death. Huge razor like tears through his robes and skin.
The ranger tracks the appearance of 3 large intruders. As if they appeared, slayed everyone, and just left.
The monk describes 3 beings, 2 blue and 1 green. The blue ones with powerful claws that cut through everything. The green one managing to take the others. the rogue barely getting away.

On the bank of the river, the party sees a large fish like creature. His boat is parked on the beach. A large crocodile type monster swims at the top of the river. Always staying close.
The fish creature seems to await instructions, he finally yells out to the adventurers. No one can interpret the common language of the deep, the beast begins to get frustrated. His huge muscle and girth flexing, he rushes in and attacks with no concern for his own body…
The party quickly realize the danger of the situation as Auron takes pounding after pounding. he stands tall but won’t be able to for much longer…
The cleric uses a spell that opens up earth underneath the being. A 20X10 opening he almost avoids it but instead falls in to. It will be a minute before he gets out. but not that long…

The mages again polymorph into dragons as they barely make it to the other side of the rive. The monster in the water leaping out, nearly pulling Nitram Semaj into the river.

Several hundred yards deeper the tunnel opens up…
The party is met by a chilling scene when first they step far enough northwest to view the dimly lit space ahead. Greenish phosphorescence from lichens, coupled with a grayish luminosity from sluglike creatures as large as a man’s fist which crawl everywhere (walls, ceilings, floors) give the area an undersea appearance, and a strange salt tang is in the air to enhance this impression. Directly to the north the adventurers will see a huge dark green creature, rather like a giant lobster-headed woman, with one pincer raised and the right extended ahead and open. The walls and pavement of this place are well-made, but very worn. Obviously, this area is old. It feels alien and foreboding.
Not to their surprise, as the party inches up a group of Kuo-Toan move in close enough to melee while others throw spears through wall slits
The adventurers move in for the kill as more Kuo-Toan show up. A portal opens up, 3 strange creatures, the ones described by the monk, appear
They are Slaad. The slaadi are great frog-like beings, who dwell on the outer plane of Limbo. Their form is that of a large bipedal frog. But why are they here?
They stay back and use their 1st round to bring in 3 more blue Slaad
The quick thinking of the ranger, Davian Urthadar, and the dwarf, Shavinski The Orc Slayer, hold off at least the green Slaad. Their arrows and bolts hitting hard every round. The blue creatures move up.
It’s a bloody fight as the party takes a pounding. The edge going to the creatures of the underworld and beyond.
Good will once again have it’s day as the party mounts a huge comeback. On the brink of death but not beaten down enough. The halfling breaks out his special ring. Lightning balls shoot out of the ring. The slaad are hit hard. Whatever the ring has, he uses it all…
The rogues talk the adventurers into investigating the statue. The cleric and paladin’s are against it, insisting no good can come from disturbing this shrine of some sort.
Sure enough, as the halfling thief begins to pillage the shrine the statue comes alive,
The rogues do what they can to keep the stone statue at bay as the others approach. The halfling continuing to take anything of value
The paladin, Lady Krisnda, runs up to the shrine, crossing the shallow water. Dozens of leeches attache to her and the fighter as she and Auron attempt to meet the statue head on
Like King King, the statue is swatting at the elf. It’s taking massive damage as missile weapons and steel cut away chunks of its stone body.
It hits Arisoth and kills him. The elf falls out of the air and smashes on the hard rock ground
It climbs down, closer to the intruders
The tank of the party, Auron Blackmore, is bloodied and beaten.
The halfling collects the body of the elf mage while the rest of the party takes a step back into the entrance. The party uses its last raise dead scroll on the mage/thief, ArisothDarkleaf. They rest for a bit, hoping for now they’ve earned a few moments of peace as they decide what to do next
The elf mage/thief never makes it to the safe house. Instead choosing to embark on his own. He takes the corridor that leads to the immediate left.
A group of Kuo-Toan surprise him. One of them lands a blow as the elf loses his footing the creature pulls him hard on to a dagger. An instant kill. His body is looted. The creatures flee

The halfling rogue and ranger finally go and check on Arisoth. They find his looted body. After tracking for more than a few minutes, they realize it’s best to head back.

Everyone attempts to rest in the magical house. But, all it’s gonna take is a dispel magic to ruin a good nights sleep…

5th of Brewfest, 586 CY

Deep within the depths of the Lortmil Mountains
Late evening/early morning hours
After several brutal encounters and hardly a moments rest, a familiar voice is heard. But where is he? it’s the voice of Arisoth Darkleaf. He’s been chasing the party for weeks. “The trail of death wasn’t too hard to follow,” he says. He explains a purple worm caused a huge earthquake a mile or two back. Drow were chasing him. More than likely all crushed by the massive cave in.
Some of the party members recall the earth shaking but didn’t think too much of it. It doesn’t seem to be an unusual occurrence when you’re miles under the earth.

Several hours later a halfling can be seen walking towards the party. He is walking towards the paladins and cleric. Begging for mercy as he tells his story about just 2 days ago escaping from servitude.
He shares his story about escaping from slavers just 2 days south of here. Beckoning for the party to help free the weak, especially his little friend.