Yatils Mountains


Fewer giants lair here, along with fewer evil humanoids, than in the great southern mountain
chain. However, mountain lions, manticores, verbeeg, and a handful of great red and blue dragons make up for that deficiency, as do plenty of other monsters.

The Yatils and the small Clatspur range which extends into Perrenland are as ore-rich as the Crystalmists. Dwarves and hardy gnomes exploit those riches. The metal retrieved, though, is less precious; copper is Perrenland’s main metal export. The miners are aided by the work of horgar, which excavate passages and tunnels that they then develop; it is rumored that dwarven priests know how to control and direct these creatures. If this is true, the dwarves are not confirming the story.

The Yatils have a fair body of “lost magical treasure” stories, which arguably are less credible than those of other mountains and inaccessible terrains.

Tales and Whispers
Caves of Deadly of Shadows
In the heartlands of the Yatils (hex R5-81) is a steep gorge, some ‘2 miles in length, along which runs a fast-flowing stream that is part of the headwaters of the Blashikmund River. Following this stream back to its underground origins brings the traveler to the Caves of Deadly Shadows, a place as fell as its name implies.
The upper reaches of the Caves are some 5 miles in length, flooded to several feet in height, and an extraordinary sight in themselves. The limestone system contains massive vaults, gigantic stalactites and stalagmites, delicate curtains of frosted rock, and myriad fragile yet razor-sharp rock spikes. Within the Cave of Winds, a cathedral-like cavern with sinkholes that drop immeasurable distances, stands The Giant, a massive “marbled” pillar with ribbed and convoluted sides, fully 140 feet in height and reaching from ceiling to floor.
In this uppermost system, monster hazards are mostly as one would expect-deady puddings, great piercers, oozes and molds, albino versions of worms and giant slugs, ropers, cave fishers, and the like. It is in the lower cave system that matters grow more deadly by the yard.
The lower cave systems extend another eight miles. twisted and convoluted with slippery moist floors, sinkholes, crumbling rock walls, and other natural hazards. The caves here glow with a refulgent, gentle golden light that cannot be dispelled. The light is not a hazard; the shadows cast by it most definitely are. Astonished explorers have found that their own shadows periodically attack them! The origins of this phenomenon are wholly unknown. Other creatures of shadow also lair in these caves; shadow dragons, skulks, shadows, and even nabassu fiends have all been reported here. Some of them have the ability to create a shadowed or dark area by using the shadows of intruders into their own domain. It is reputed that a fabulous mass of gold can be found somewhere within these caves, but no one has ever explored them to the end of the system; these tales may be just rumors.

Yatils Mountains

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