Welkwood Forest


The total human population of the Welkwood is around 12,000; the elven population is perhaps one-third that

The Welkwood is distinguished from the Gnarley forest to the north and the Suss to the south by the majesty of its trees. Ipt trees grow to well over 100 feet here, while the great roanwoods grow taller still. Other trees grow to their normal maximums and beyond; there may well be powerful druidic or other nature magic at work within the Welkwood.

The eastern fringes of the Welkwood are close to the remnants of the Wild Coast and the northern limit of the Pomarj, and many folk have taken refuge here from both those chaotic and troubled lands for many years. The western glades border Celene, and are home to wood and high elves, faerie folk, unicorns, and a few treants. Celene lays claim to the entire Welkwood, but this is only a nominal claim for the most part. The woodsmen of the Welkwood are especially strong and hardy folk, renowned throughout the land as huntsmen, trackers, and adventurers.

Canryell’s Well

Welkwood Forest

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