Viscounty of the March

Pop: 90,000
Capital: Gorsend (pop. 6,200)
Standing Army: 3,500

Ruler: Viscount Luther Derwent

The most populous of Furyondy’s provinces, the March is a bread basket for the rest of the kingdom. Its fields are lush and the land is productive. Traditionally, the March’s merchants have been the trading experts of Furyondy. People here know and trust the value of what they are buying.
This reflects the preoccupations of the ruling house. Luther is a grim faced and unsmiling man with a very sharp mind. He has made his fortune through trade, and the Derwent family together with a handful of other powerful, intermarried families Own most of the land and wealth here

Luther is a pragmatist, a tight fisted man who is very adept at staving off Belvor’s demands for more money. Luther truly believes that pumping all of Furyondy’s resources into the Flare Line defenses is a strategic blunder.
Luther’s second wife, the nervous and much younger Alistacea, is not someone to oppose her husband, although his twin sons Petronian and Timarn tend to favor the King…but they are young yet.

Across the Veng
The opposition which faces the Viscounty across the Veng is comprised mostly of hobgoblins. Few humans, and only very rare sightings of fiends or mo nsters, have been reported. The only exception to this relatively quiet state of affairs occurred in Readying, 585 CY, when a filthy effluvium poured from the Ritensa into the Veng for several days, creating a vile miasma and an outbreak of a weakening, but rarely fatal, pulmonary disease among the Furyondians. This vanished as suddenly as it appeared; Luther, and others, fear that this may have been a trial run for something altogether more dangerous and supplies of cure disease scrolls, Keoghtom’s ointment and the like were rapidly distributed to military leaders along the border.

The morale of common people along the Veng is not good. They are fearful, anxious people always waiting for the expected raiders to arrive. The outbreak of disease was another blow to morale.
Furyondians here are often apathetic and rather cowardly. There has been a slow migration away from the eastern fringe of the province and Luther is considering the use of convict labor, or forced service from peasants on his own lands to maintain the local farming industry.

Free Borough

Viscounty of the March

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan