Vesve Forest


The Vesve forest is of critical importance in the future of the Flanaess. Iuz refuses to yield any claim to it, while Furyondy and the Highfolk support those within it who try to fend off evil forces. Some 15,000 human woodsmen dwell here, a number diminished from prewar days, due both to casualties among volunteers supporting Furyondy and migration to safer lands. The elves stand firm here, though, with over 10,000 wood elves and a third this number of high elves. They are supported by some 6,000 gnomes and perhaps half that number of halflings.

In addition, 15-20 tribes of Beastmen, perhaps a thousand in number, dwell within the Vesve. Their origins are a matter of some curiosity; this region is farther north than they would usually inhabit, and their fur is darker and browner than most.

Currently, the western and southern Vesve are within the sway of the elves and their allies, while the northeastern quadrant is controlled by humanoids in the service of Iuz. There is also an overlap in both areas, with roaming tribes of humanoids who owe no allegiance to anyone. The marauding humanoids continue relentless forays against the Vesve folk, and are slowly gaining ground against them.

The excellent resources of this hardwood forest would be sorely missed by the Highfolk and the good alliance of Veluna and Furyondy should they be lost. The Vesve yields a variety of excellent woods, plant resins used for waterproofing, incenses, preservatives, insect-repelling creams and tinctures, and a variety of medicinal berries and herbs. Particularly noteworthy are the sticky secretions of fungi unique to the Vesve used in magical oils.

Vesve Forest

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