Viscounty of verbobonc
Verbobonc, Viscounty & Free Town of
Ruler: His Lordship, Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc
Capital: Verbobonc (pop. 12,500)
Population: 35,000, Demi-Humans: Gnomes (5,200), Sylvan Elves (1,500), Humanoids: Few
Important Persons: Lord Mayor Tymak, Martiolus Legeum-Patriarch of Rao, Cornelius Arx-High Priest of Trithereon, Shilgen Davers-Bishop of St. Cuthbert, Prince Jimm, Velysin Claviger, Marakios Haxx
Resources: Copper, Gems (I-IV)National
Alignment: Neutral (Good)
Coinage: Zeeti (cp), Tapi (sp), Tear (ep).

Verbobonc rests on a plain overlooking the Velverdyva River to the north. This waterway is heavily traveled by traders bound for Dyvers and the other merchant capitals of the Nyr Dyv. Within the Viscounty, watch towers have been established along the river banks to discourage piracy. Heavy patrols along the major roads, such as the Low Road leading to Dyvers, discourages banditry and humanoid activity, but at a cost. The Viscount charges a toll for travel on these highways to pay for their maintenance and safety.

In the southern region of the Viscounty are the Kron Hills, which form a natural border between Verbobonc and the lands of Queen Yolande, Fey Majesty of Celene. The hills are rich in copper ore and mineral wealth, and the wealthiest of Verbobonc’s aristocracy sponsor mines in these highlands. Humanoid activity here is very light, although some small bands of verbeeg and hill giants dwell here. The gnomes manage to keep the small groups of goblins in check. In addition the Kron Hills, and more specifically the lightly wooded Greenway Valley, are home to the majority of the region’s gnomish population.

The grasslands and meadows, fed by clear river water and seasonal rains, are rich and fruitful. Many farms are founded beyond the town walls which enjoy the protection of Verbobonc. The foothills to the south are better suited to grazing, and many raise sheep and some small amounts of cattle. The lands to the west are lightly wooded, growing dense in the small Relgwood, which lies on the border of Veluna and Verbobonc.

A small portion of the Gnarley Forest is also claimed by the Viscounty. The northern fringe of the forest, which touches on the banks of the Velverdyva River, is well traveled and patrolled. The druids and rangers of the Gnarley maintain contact with Viscount Wilfrick, and his Lordship also maintains a troop of foresters who monitor the woodlands for poachers. There is some banditry and humanoid activity in the denser, southern fringe, but this is mostly beyond the borders of the Viscounty. Still, incidents are not unknown on the highways that follow the Velverdyva. Many caravans follow these roads en route to Dyvers and The City of Greyhawk, and the value of such cargo is always an interest

Atlas Of Verbobonc
Castle Estival
Celeb’vara River
Emirdy Meadows
Fortress Hagthar
Fort Wilfrick
Gallow’s Corner
Gnarley Forest
Greenway Valley
Imeryds Run
Iron Wood
Kron Hills
Lortmil Mountains
Loren’s Ford
Twilight Falls
Velverdyva River
Verbobonc City

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