Urnst, Duchy of

Duchy of urnst
Ruler: His Most Lordly Grace, Warden of the Abbor-Alz, Duke Karll
Capital: Leukish (pop. 24,000)

The Duchy of Urnst has had powerful struggles in the past to establish its independence from Aerdy and Nyrond, a tribute to the richness of this land. Platinum, gold, and electrum are mined in the western Cairn Hills and Abbor-Alz, and the western Nesser basin is among the most fertile cropland in the whole Flanaess. Nyrondese and Shield Landers have flocked to this state, many bringing the valuables they could escape with, and now the Duchy is a dominant power despite its small size.

Duke Karll has let this go to his head somewhat. He is determined to marry his eldest son to the daughter of the Countess of Urnst, allying the lands into one entity

Karll dispenses aid to Nyrond while extracting full measure for his largesse. However, at home he has also initiated a campaign against the fairly notorious civil and commercial corruption once rampant in Leukish and Nellix. He shows greater wisdom in his discussions with Greyhawk and Ulek, and it may be that the Duke is a wiser man dealing with those he perceives to be equals than with those he feels are at a disadvantage in dealing with him. He is attentive to the gnomes and dwarves who supply so much of Ulek’s wealth from the mines of the west and south.

Finally, Leukish is an important and burgeoning city, with exiled scholars and artisans, a handful of allegedly reformed bandits looking for monies and equipment for forays into their old stamping grounds (or gainful employment almost anywhere), a strong navy, and a powerful group of mages housed within the fomidable might of Leukish Castle

Urnst, Duchy of

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan