Urnst, County of

County of urnst

Ruler: Her Noble Brilliancy, Countess Belissica
Capital: Radigast City (pop. 42,000)

Urnst separated from Nyrond soon after that states’s secession from the Great Kingdom. Urnst has a history of hostility toward Aerdy, despite the Oeridian origins of most of its people.
The County is allied with and technically under the protection of the Duchy of Urnst, but the ruling House of Gellor is independent and diplomatic, and the County rules its own affairs. Relations between the two states are very close now that Iuz threatens the borders of the County; the states have a mutual aid pact.

Naval squadrons based at Radigast City patrol the Nyr Dyv in an informal agreement with those of Furyondy, in order to secure this vital lake. The native population has been somewhat increased by an influx of Tenhas (including the exiled Duke Ehyeh and his family), who are not greatly liked by the indigenous folk, and also by Nyrondese artisans and scholars, who are better received.

Urnst did not suffer significant losses in the War, and the County and Duchy are now important bankrollers for Nyrond. Politically, Urnst is very active these days. The Countess fully supports Duke Karll’s diplomacy with Greyhawk and the Ulek states, while working hard to make sure that the latter in particular hlly support the independence of her own nation

Urnst, County of

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan