Ruler: His Illustrious Ferocity, Orakhan Draske
Capital: Ulakand (pop. 6,000)

The Uli, a strong Paynim tribal clan, claimed the rich lands between the Barrier Peaks and Ulsprue Mountains hundreds of years ago. They have held them ever since, despite occasional forays against them by their more nomadic cousins. In the south of Ull, Ulakand is a sprawling caravan of towns, there are numerous hill and mountain villages also. To the north, settlements thin out, and more of the Uli lead a semi-nomadic life.

Other Paynims rarely seek to attack UII. The horsemen of the plains here have a superb cavalry armed with huge bows, ornate and very effective pole arms, and great maces: a majority of the cavalry riders have exceptional strength in addition
to good mobility.

The Uli trade with other Baklunish and Paynims, selling copper and gems from their hill mines, livestock, and (very rarely and only for an excessive price) their magnificent warhorses. As traders, they are very crafty and sly and appreciate the same qualities in those they deal with. Their general social and religious lives are similar to those of other Paynims, save that they are obviously far less nomadic.


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan