Ulek, Duchy of

Duchy of ulek
Ruler: His Noble Radiance, Duke Grenowin of Ulek
Capital: Tringlee (population 14,200)

The Duchy of Ulek is dominated and ruled by high and sylvan elves. Many half-elven folk are within its boundaries. As Keolandish rule abated, the Duchy moved to strengthen ties with Celene and the other Ulek states, although good relations with Keoland have been the norm also.

The Duchy finds itself in a difficult situation politically. There is a strong feeling among its people, elven as well as human, of support for the Principality of Ulek, and for exiled men of Geoff and Sterich. At the same time, the Duchy has major trade and political links with Celene via the gnomes of the Kron Hills, and Celene has adopted a consistently isolationist position throughout the Wars and afterward. The Duke favors continued diplomacy. The mood among several of his most powerful nobles, however, is to support those elves within Celene who oppose their Queen and favor strong military action against the Pomarj to liberate the eastern Principality. These nobles support the Knights of Luna in Celene, who seek not just to liberate the south, but also to give more active support to the Veluna/Furyondy alliance.

The Duchy of Ulek is a beautiful land: its towns feature fine architecture with a strong elven influence, many parks and open spaces, statues, and works of art. People take a strong pride in the appearance of their settlements and have a strong civic sense.

Adventurers from the Duchy travel the central Flanaess looking for opportunities to further the cause of good. Its elven fighter-mages are renowned for their abilities, and Ulek hillsfolk, in particular, are tough, hardy adventurers.

Ulek, Duchy of

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