Tiger Nomads (Chakyik)

Tiger nomads
Ruler: The Unvanquishable Tiger Lord, Ilkhan Cligit of the Chakyik Hordes
Capital: Yecha (population 4,000)
Tiger nomads0 emblem

The Tiger Nomads are tough hardy horsemen dwelling on the prairies north of the Yatils. They are nomadic herdsmen and hunters, but because of their proximity to more civilized nations, they have a handful of settled towns, villages, and trading posts. Some even mine small quantities of silver and gems from the Yecha Hills, and they trade with Perrenland and Ekbir. However, some of the tribes here raid both these nations, and the Wolf Nomad lands as well. The Tiger Nomads are Baklunish people, many of whom do not speak the Common tongue of the Flanaess.

Tiger Nomad banners bear the likeness of a tiger, tiger tail pennants, and similar elements. The Ilkhan’s robe of state is a tiger skin, reportedly that of a sabre-tooth, while the lesser khans wear the pelts of normal tigers. The nomads’ typical raiding party is light cavalry, armed with horn bows and lances similar to those of the Paynim.

Small infantry garrisons protect the towns and villages. The Tiger Nomads’ religion and way of life is very similar to that of the Paynim peoples, with whom they share the same ancestral stock.
Tiger nomad

Tiger Nomads (Chakyik)

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