Joined party 7th of Reaping, 585 CY
Originally from Veluna

A Fightrer that converted to a Gnarley Forest Ranger. He quickly became the leader and the beacon of good against the never-ending fight against evil.

Thronyn, Nao-ta “Roa” Yamaguchi, a magic user/wu-jen, from the far east, Niles, a halfling thief, Sunblayze, a fighter/magic user, and Mitchifer, a cleric of Pelor, were the 1st PCs/NPCs to begin the campaign in The Free City of Greyhawk

When Sunblayze and Mitchifer dissapeared from Hardby, Thronyn along with Bob, a fighter/cleric from the Cairn Hills, Nao-ta, Edmund Sarneth, a paladin of Rao, and Zephyr, a Hardby Marine dwarf, began a long journey that has resulted in the deaths of many of the heroes involved in our on-going story, including the rangers.

He met what would be his closest ally and friend, Bornthien, a halfling (NPC) that was rescued by the party while they were on the trail of the Scarlet Brotherhood heading south on The Wild Coast.

All over the major cities from Mitrik, to The Kingdom of Furyondy to Greyhawk, it is not uncommon for bards to sing songs and recite poems of the great ranger.

Killed: 14th of Patchwall
Lawrence (halfling thief) slits his throat while he is recovering from his wounds as rest of party was in a major fight

Resurrected: 15th of Patchwall

Dead: 10th of Ready ‘reat, 585 CY
Killed by Githankis while in Astral Plane,
12th of Ready ‘reat: Solar attempts to resurrect ranger but Thronyn fails resurrection survival check

Long Live Thronyn


Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan