The Yeomanry


The arms of the Yeomanry League
Ruler: His Steadfastness Crispin Redwell the Freeholder, Spokesman for the Yeomanry League
Capital: Loftwick (pop. 8,000)

Early in the history of this land, the Flan-Sue1 race that settled here had a strong democratic tradition of government. The warriors of all the tribes in the land elected spokesmen who themselves elected a single spokesman who would convene tribal meetings and negotiations. This democratic tradition persisted under a moderately lengthy period of Keolandish rule, since the Keolanders had the wisdom to listen to those they had conquered.

Yeomanry warriors served in the Keolandish armies for decades, but at the height of Keoland’s expansionism, the freemen of the Yeomanry revolted and closed their doors to Keolandish rule forever. This daring move was successful primarily because Keoland was overextended dealing with other neighboring lands and a major internal revolt at the time. The result has been the creation of a state ruled by its warrior caste through their spokesmen.

During the Wars, the Yeomanry was willing to aid Furyondy against Iuz, but the giant troubles guaranteed that its forces had to stay within the nation’s confines. Unlike the unfortunates of Geoff and the Sterish, the stout, well-trained and armed Yeomen fought off the giant humanoid incursions and this state remains a strong, powerful, and well-equipped armed camp.

All those who bear arms, have borne arms, or serve as artisans and craftsmen are allowed to elect spokesmen, but this amounts very nearly to universal suffrage

Nearly all common men and women of the Yeomanry own at least leather armor, a hand weapon, and a bow of some kind, and many own polearms as well. Landowners equip their peasants with such armor and weapons and train them in self-defense militia as a matter of course.
The Yeomanry is wealthy from trade, but does not import mercenaries to defend the vital silver and gem mines in its hills and the Jotens; it is proud to protect them itself in alliance with dwarves, strengthened by refugees from Sterich. The state is also notable for a small minority of high elves, who are important in commerce and crade and also form the core of a small but powerful group of mages centered around Loftwick.

Despite its wealth and strength, the Yeomanry does not seek political muscle in the Flanaess. Keoland is distrusted because of its historical ambitions on the land, and there is a powerful mood against sending aid to the north. People are aware that, had this happened during the Greyhawk Wars, the Yeomanry might have fallen to giants. The Yeomanry extends support directly only to the demihumans in the hills and mountains around its borders, and maintains its excellent armies of spearmen, crossbowmen, mountain troops, elvish spear and bow units, and dwarven mailed infantry

Melkotia Castle
The Free City of Melkot
North Reach

The Yeomanry

Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY Juan