The Selintan

Selintan river
The Selintan is Greyhawk‘s trade lifeblood. Water travel is always faster than land travel, especially for bulky cargoes, and one response of the Free City’s rulers to the general atmosphere of unease in the post-war year is to increase security along this river. This is somewhat irrational, since there has been no increase in river piracy and no external threat to cargo vessels along the riverway. Still, some of the Free City’s many poor and disgruntled folk might take to ambushing barges if their hunger and disaffection grows too great, so the additional security may be a wise precaution after all

Downriver, from the Free City to Hardby, Greyhawk watchmen with appropriate skills pilot flat-bottomed, puntlike boats along the Selintan at regular intervals.

There is an excellent chance that a gnome (a Lamplighter and nighttime lookout) is on any given boat; gnomes don’t care much for this line of work, and often get riversick even on the tranquil Selintan.
These militia are known as “Water Rats” to most, a name they don’t much care for. Patrol boats usually travel no farther than two stops along the route each day: Greyhawk to Fordkeep (currently being built) to Two Ford to Peculiar Manor to One Ford to Hardby.

Parallel to the Selintan runs the River Road, a well-kept, broad highway which is little used for trade, save for short hauls by farmers bringing produce to sale at a village, town, or even the riverside. However, horsemen are not an infrequent sight here, for a fast horse will still beat a river boat when speed is of the essence and there are a number of taverns along the road that have good stabling and accommodations

Two Ford
Peculiar Manor
One Ford
Bright Tower Keep

The Selintan

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