The Howling Hills

The howling hillsEmpire iuz01

The Howling Hills don’t occupy a huge swath of Iuz’s territory, but they are full of hazards, hostile creatures and conflict. Far back in history, invading Oeridian and Baklunish warriors fought savage battles here with indigenous plan folk, and the hills have also been home to long-dead dwarven clans, giants, and humanoids.

Fitted with old battlegrounds and burial sites, the Howling Hills are home to many undead, especially spectral types such as wraiths, spectres, ghosts and a handful of banshees. These undead roam these barren lands at night, by no means restricted to their places of burial, Iuz’s forces have a tough time watching the Wolf Nomads to the west, dealing with the hostile giants and free humanoids of the hills (gnolls, hobgoblins and flinds), and protecting their keeps, mines and sites of evil, buried magics.

The Howling Hills have their own warped “natural” hazards. Bitter winds and drifting, freezing fogs swirl down into the hills from the Cold Marshes throughout the winter months.

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The Howling Hills

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